Nolita is a young woman who is unhappy in her marriage, and feels that she has no way out until she meets Corbin, a mysterious stranger who brings out the very best of her. They begin an affair and soon Nolita must choose between her luxurious life with her husband or a chance to be happy and free with Corbin.

Being at work was where I only really felt worthy, being the manager made me feel powerful and able. My secretary and my co-workers respected me. They were in appreciation at my knowledge and ability to work hard. I had worked hard at college, learning everything I needed to know about finance, marketing, and the entire structure of the travel and tourism industry. College was a time for me where all I had time for was work, I was never overly bright or clever, I had to work hard to get to where I am now.

I sat in my office, filing reports, checking the charter aircrafts and making phone calls until I couldn't delay it no longer. I had to go home.


Slowly, I packed away file after file, maybe when I got home I'd make a cup of coffee and hide away in my office. Luke, my husband would no doubt be doing the same. At least I would then be able to detach myself from my miserable marriage.I had been married to Luke since I was a day over 18, my parents and his parents had formed a loose agreement the first time they had met. Luke was blonde and weedy but very clever. He was a psychologist. Luke and I hadn't spoken in a few days, our house or rather manor is large enough for us both to lose ourselves within it.


I packed my blackberry into the front pocket of my purse and threw on my trench coat. It wasn't cold but I had to carry my laptop and didn't want to look like I was juggling everything.

Gemma, my secretary nodded sweetly to me as I left.

"Good night Gem" I smiled, she had worked for me for a very long time. She was good at her job, she also enjoyed a good gossip now and then.

"Bye Nolita" Her thick blonde bob bounced at me.


I got into the elevator, noticing it was already vacated. A tall man was leaning against the wall opposite where I was going to stand. He wore a dark blue suit over a white shirt; the buttons were low showing the way his neck and chest expanded. His face was beautiful, a little tormented and old, but handsome strong features with lips that looked as though they were carved from stone. Eyes that were intense and romantic. He had thick dark brown hair and a heavy brow.  

His eyes met mine when the elevator doors closed. The intensity of his gaze was hypnotic, his eyelashes were dark and thick, and his lips parted a little as we continued to look at each other. He had a familiar look about him, as if I'd known him before in another life.

I had never experienced anything so intimate; the look he gave me was almost indecent. My heart was pounding, a current was surging through us, I wanted to touch him, I wanted him to touch me. I was shocked at myself. "I'm a married woman" I began mentally chanting to myself. I hadn't dropped his gaze; he was turning to face me properly.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice was weak and frightened. The urge this man brought out of me was terrifying but part of me liked it.

The man licked his lips slowly, seductively and took his hands out of his pockets. A slow tingle ran through me. an excited tingle, I could almost feel myself smiling.


The elevator doors pinged open and we were brought back to ground. The stranger looked me up and down once and walked from the elevator. All I could do was gape after him. No one as attractive as that had ever shown me attention.


"The craving to touch him was maddening what was wrong with me?" I was still thinking of him when I got home, Luke had messaged me to tell me, he had a late appointment and I was to go to bed without him - the relief that message produced was almost euphoric. I was in such a good mood; I had made hot chocolate which steamed in front of me as I combed my hair.

I was sitting in front of my vanity dresser, a beautiful carved oak dresser with a mirror. My happy reflection strangely reflected back at me. My husband was away for the night, and would leave me undisturbed, when he came home from work late he would sleep in one of our spare rooms. I enjoyed having my bed to myself.


I lifted my long brown hair over my right shoulder, pulling the brush through it again and again. It was a soothing habit of mine. I had not had my hair cut in years, and it almost reached my elbows. My eyes were blue and too big for my face or so Luke had told me before. With a last brush of my hair and a mental punch for ruining my thoughts with thinking of my husband, I picked up the chocolate and my book and got into bed.


At three in the morning I still lay awake that night thinking of him. My stranger.




The End

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