Days EndMature

A blood red moon rose in the morning, astonishing the more religious of the Aceluns. It didn't help that their breath froze either in such warm weather. It didn't really surprise Ekvana- they were beside the sea. The amount of water vapour meant it only took zero kelktic to freeze enough to be noticable. A bright sun rose and Ekvana donned a black mask. An old mans moan caught his attention. The old man woke up, chained against a wall. Ekvana asked in his tongue "Who are you?"

Spit smacked against Ekvana's face mask. Ekvana wiped the spit of, momentarily obscuring the black lenses in front of his eyes. Annoyed, he asked  "Are you a doctor?" 

More silence followed. Ekvana kneeled in front of the man, slowly asking "Do you know the way to the capital?"

He looked at Ekvana and scowled, "Why would ya need to know that?!"

"Tell me old man."

"Heh, not gonna happen."

Impatient, he lifted of his mask. The old man screamed- rightfully so. Red replaced the whites of Ekvana's eyes, surrounding his almost pure black retina. "What are you?!"

Ekvana grabbed the old mans hand, drew a knife and slid the point down his nail. The tamultans roared behind them, thundering down the street against the surprised Aceluns. A cry filled the air as Marcus swung a sword from behind at the royal guards head. He reflexively dodged it-barely. Ekvana twisted to meet Marcus- and saw the sun. Ekvana cringed, sliding his mask back on. Another slash came but slower this time as Marcus's left arm opened back up, letting blood gush down is tricep. Ekvana ducked under the blade and tackled Marcus to the ground, smashing his throat with the knifes hilt. Marcus gurgled, letting his sword tumble to the ground. The royal guard grinned "Friend of yours?"

Rat saw Marcus and his eyes went wide. He knelt down, grabbed a hammer and tossed it at the Royal Guards head. Ekvana pressed the knife against Marcus's throat- and fell to the ground, un-conscious. The Aceluns, fearful of their leaders absence, retreated to the gate, pursued by a hundred Tamultans.  

The End

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