Royal GuardMature

The air reeked of blood and urine, the moans of the wounded carried all the way to the harbour, where make-shift docks extended onto the originals. One of these docks groaned with a massive weight as a frigate docked, letting only one passenger with a red cloak of. He looked at the city with a cold fury, fingering a sword with a royal guard insignia. His eyes met the rows of tents servicing the wounded with contempt. Finally, he walked forwards, eyes on a tent aside from the others with a triangular crest upon the side. 

He walked into the tent, surprised to see four officers arguing across a table with a large map laid upon it. Pieces resembling different types of soldiers and ships covered the map, easily extending six leagues in either direction. Folding his arms he spoke in a low capital accent "I am Ekvana of the royal guard, here to see Capt. Gregory Steiner." 

A bald man with a scar across his forehead looked up from the table, frowned and asked "What is it?"

Ekvana's brow furrowed "I am here to help you for today- past today, I will be on my way. Tell me where you need help. In return, I will need one of the Tamultans prisoners as a guide."

Steiner looked at Ekvana for the first time with a smile.


The front gates where broken, dead strewn behind them. Ekvana cursed in Nordish and stepped over a line of bodies till he made it to the center of the city. Nightfall easily hid the blood stains, but the un-even cobblestone road meant occasionally stepping into a pool of blood. A limp Acelun body rolled down the road and a Tanon militiaman looked at Ekvana, rage evident even in this lighting. Ekvana threw a knife into the mans throat, walked forwards and yanked it out, sheathing it back in his boot. 

Sixty soldiers bitterly fought with the Tamultans, their rage and desire to win doing little. Realizing how disorganized they were, Ekvana ran to the front lines, killing over a dozen. The militia started backing away from him, huddling into a clustered group. Ekvana grinned and cried "ACELUNS! TO ME, TO ME!"

After a few more cries, the Aceluns finally realized what was happening and backed up. Ekvana stepped ahead of the group and yelled "Form the line, spears in front! Spears in front!" 

Ekvana looked at the Aceluns, nodded and charged the militia. Spurred on by his bravery, the Aceluns ran forwards, stabbing into the Tamultans

A hand grabbed his foot. The Royal Guard looked down and smiled dangerously at an old man wearing a doctors outfit. 

The End

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