“Charge!” Marcus yelled to his companions. The men in the squad surged forward. Somehow Rat had out flanked them and was buying the troops time to get a defense up.

Marcus crashed into the enemy soldiers knocking three down. His sword still in his hand he had begun to finish off the downed men, however the sword was too long to efficiently dispatch the men.

An old gruff voice reached Marcus “Use your knife ya idiot!” 

Quickly Marcus looked around searching for the person yelling at him, all he found was chaos. “Don’t look around kid kill ‘em!” The voice said again. Marcus looked back at the downed soldiers now recovering.

“Oh shit.” Marcus muttered and quickly got back up to his feet. The two surviving men he had knocked over were regaining their composure. One began to move left and the other circled to the right. If they kept moving one could engage Marcus head on while the other skewered him from behind. Marcus charged the one on his left thrusting towards the chest. A quick parry and the Acelun had the upper hand. He went for Marcus’ neck. He dropped to the ground dodging the fatal blow. However the second Acelun had launched his attack from behind.

Marcus rolled in hopes of dodging the attack. The man not only missed but had flown face down past Marcus. “Get the other one now sonny!” The gravely voice from earlier said. Marcus again checked where the voice had come from. It was the doctor wielding a branding iron.

The old man standing there blood all over himself barely hiding the woven cross of life was too much for Marcus. The laughter started small but became crazed within seconds. The Acelun he was fighting earlier backed up in confusion. “GET OUT OF MY CITY!” He yelled as he charged the man. Their swords crossed briefly, both found flesh. The Acelun blade had ripped through Marcus’ left arm however the defenders sword had found the Aceluns heart. 

The End

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