He was on the ground coughing up blood and looking me strait in the eyes. His hand jutted up quick as a flash but slipped back down to the earth.

A quick flash and the room went dark, the wind was silenced and I was alone. The voice was gone and Jehmundi was silenced forever. Slowly I picked myself up and began to circle the room looking for the staircase that contained the exit.

Going back up the steps was much harder than it should have been. Each step quickly tired me. The air began to freshen however, and soon the tunnel began to lighten. I was getting close. Cracks of brightness shown through the edges of the entrance. Who closed it and when did it get light out?

I put my full weight into the slab. Seconds went by and nothing moved. I was too tired and even if I had the strength there was no way to move the slab. I was so close to getting out of whatever this place was but I was still going to die. “GODDAMNIT!” I yelled in frustration and slumped down in despair. My life was worthless. Nothing I did had amounted to anything; death was going to take me easily.

Three days had passed. There was no way out. No one could hear me. My throat stuck to itself every time I attempted to swallow. This was it. There was no way to fight it anymore. My eyes shut. I was done. 

The End

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