Ruin (part 3)Mature

Wind began to assault my left side. Wind? How? It got faster and faster making the loudest noise in the world. Something else joined in with the winds howl. Jemundi! He was chanting something. The force of the wind nocked me to the ground and its speed was still accelerating. My knees against the floor I tried standing up. The attempt was futile. Suddenly something grabbed my ankle and yanked me away from the wall. Every inch I was pulled the wind went down. Finally the thing had let go and only a slight breeze remained. I got to my feet and something collided with my face. Blood began pouring down my face.

My veins began to pump blood. Adrenaline raced through me. “WHY!” I yelled. Frustration over everything in my life bubbling to the surface. I felt a portion of something forced itself into me body.

“Because this is your destiny.”

“What? You can’t speak my language!”

“You are not speaking that language.”

What was happening? How could I understand him much less know their language. I had learned a few words and phrases from Hawke but he had given up soon after trying to teach me. “Wha, what is happening?” I stammered.

Calmly and evenly Jehmundi stated “The re-birth of the crystal walkers.”

“Why am I needed, and what the hell are the crystal walkers?”

“You are the sacrifice that has been prepared.”

“To hell with you!” Confusion finding the adrenaline coursing through my body lit into anger, like an ocean of kerosene and a match becoming a massive fire. “NO!” More of the essence from earlier flowed into my body and a tingling began to manifest itself inside.

“How do you plan on stopping it?”

“I’m going to kill you!” I felt strong now.

“Come and give it a try.”

Pulling out my sword I did. The voice had come from my left. Muscles tensing and a sudden release went into putting the sword through Jehmundi. Anticipation for the hit came and went. There was nothing there. My futile attack spun me out of control. The cold metal of the floor pressed against my back. My hand burst with pain and just like that the sword was gone. This was it, I was dead.

Jehmundi didn’t finish me immediately. Could he see me? “You westerners think everything is won by strength and power. Bigger equates to better.” He said with a sneer.

“Finish me then!” I yelled. No intention of letting him kill me I rolled away from where I fell moving closer to the wind. A low flicker emanated from the center of the atrium. It grew steadily until it was bright as day.

Jehmundi looked straight at me, his whole body glowing red, and said, “As you wish.” Quick as light he pulled two scimitars from their sheaths and charged. I jumped low into a dive and caught his feet in my arms pulling him to the ground. I scuttled away before he could get the scimitars into my flesh. Picking up my dropped sword and whipping my body around I just barely dodged a slash. Constantly parrying I was on the defensive. He fought like Hawke and I had not beaten Hawke once in training.

The wind was right behind me. One or two more steps and I would lose all footing. Three more strikes came in for varying angles and I blocked the but was forced another step back. He was purposely trying to put me in the tornado.  Let me help you.’

Why was Jehmundi offering help. “What?” I asked him.

“I sai- -othin-.” The noise of the wind had distorted his voice and followed up with another fevered attack. I sprang forward to the right trying to get some distance from the angry windstorm. “Ther- -s no esc-!” Jehmundi yelled towards me. He was already pushing me back, the few feet that were gained vanished quickly.

‘There is only one way out this. Let me help you!’ The voice was coming from inside my head! I had gone insane. That was the only answer. Well mine as well see if the ‘other me’ could help me.

A sudden sharp pain made itself known from my shoulder. In the seconds of self-contemplation my guard had gone down enough and now I was paying the price. ‘Do it!’

I couldn’t move my arms, my legs, nothing was responding to my commands. My eyes looked straight at Jehmundi but I had not directed them there. His attacks became more ferocious than before. My hands leapt forward with lightning fast precision that I had never before been able to attain. A quick kick went into Jehmundi’s gut, he crumpled. My foot had again struck him in his stomach.



The End

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