Ruin (part 2)Mature

“-ake up.” Darkness was all around me. Hawke was jostling me awake.

                  Groggily I said “I thought you said I wasn’t going to have to train tonight?”

                  “It’s not training. Jehmundi wants to see you, something’s changed.”

                  My brain was still fuzzy and was having a hard time processing the information. “What? Why does he want to see me? I look the same as always.”

                  “Not like that. Just follow me, and put your pants on.”

                  Heat went into my face. I had forgotten that I took my pants off before I had gone to sleep. Hurriedly I pulled them up to my waist and tied the straps together that held them up and sped after Hawke.

                  When we arrived Jehmundi began talking to Hawke excitedly but Hawke did not seem nearly as excited. Hawke’s face went from shock to anger to sadness to acceptance in the course of the conversation. The little of the language I knew was not enough for me to understand even a tenth of what the two were discussing.

                  “Go with Jehmundi, do as he says. Trust your training and you will make it out of this. See you soon.” Hawke looked over at Jehmundi nodded and walked away.

                  I watched as Hawke disappeared around a tent. Jehmundi grabbed my arm and yanked me in the direction I was supposed to go. What was going on? He began talking to me. I tried to respond. His face whipped around towards mine. A look of disgust was plastered on his face, then a look of understanding, and he immededitately broke out in laughter. I must have botched that translation. 

 The laughing stopped. His hand flung out and grabbed my arm and began to pull. I followed. He let go knowing that I would continue to follow him. He seemed like he knew where he was headed. Had he found an ancient magical artifact after all? Guess I would have to wait and find out. The structures around us were becoming more coherent, becoming less a pile of ruble and more that of a quiet deserted city.

“Oomph” I hit a wall. No, just Jehmundi, the man had stopped so suddenly. He muttered something pulling out a stone in one wall in front of us. A low gruble then a creak, a whole section of the wall moved. The passage that was uncovered was dark. Really dark, there was no way I was going to go in there.

Jehmundi turned around, looked me hard in the eyes then motioned towards the opening. Oh great, I was going first down stairs into god knows what, for god knows why. My feet began to move towards the opening. Soon I had taken a few steps and could see nothing. Jehmundi was behind me somewhere. I moved my hand close to my face and squinted trying to make out any detail. Nothing. Putting my left hand forward and the right one against the wall I resumed the descent.

How deep could this thing go? How long had it taken to dig this place out? My mind kept putting relevant thoughts along those lines out. Just walking gets so boring. “Ouch” My right hand had gotten pricked on the wall. Returning the hand tentatively I made a discovery that the wall was no longer stone. It was metal with what felt like a hell of a lot of sharply cut designs. The floor flattened out. Must be near the end hopefully. I noticed a large curve outward in the wall. This had to be an atrium of sorts. I reached out as far a possible with my left hand and touched nothing. Wherever I was now it was a lot bigger than the passageway I had just taken.

I heard Jehmundi’s footsteps behind me. A constant metal on metal ping for every footfall getting louder the closer he came. The pinging footsteps passed me and walked on for a bit, then complete and utter silence. What was going on? Surely Jehmundi had something to illuminate this room. Still nothing. I wanted to shout, make some sort of noise. It was caught in my throat and was quenched by something else in me. 

The End

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