“Hey Hawke, we almost there?” I asked.

“Were actually there now.”

The area around us was no different from the last few hundred miles. A bit frustrated, I stated “No were not, there is nothing here.”

“Stop asking and just keep walking.”

“We’ve been traveling for days. Why are we in such a hurry to get there?”

“Jehmundi is trying to arrive before the other clans can stop him. He believes something is there that will give us the upper hand.”

“Upper hand in what?”

“It doesn’t concern you.”

Oh yeah right it doesn’t. If there is a war going on I want out at the first stop. I didn’t tell him that. He would probable just laugh and find a way to make fun of me. Some of the forward scouts began yelling about something.

Hawke listened to their yells intently then quickly flicked his head my way and with a grin on his face said “Sounds like we’ve arrived. C’mon lets go have a look!” He immediately increased his pace. The land had hardened up considerably in the last mile making it a lot easier for me to keep pace.

Cresting the hill the whole ruin came into view. The sun had begun to set leaving an angry reddish tint on the horizon bathing the place in healthy shadows. The ruins themselves were situated in a crater. Most of the buildings were just piles of rubble flattened from age and decay, but there were a few still standing fighting time. We began to descend into the city. All of the streets had a downward slant to them that sloped towards the center of the crater.

Turning towards Hawke I said “This is pretty creepy.”

“Yeah, not much is known about these ruins. They have been around for so long there is no history. Some people say that a hole between us and the underworld was formed at the center and began pulling the city in. Others believe that some magical weapon was used to stop a great war. The idea that most people these days believe though is that it’s just a massive sink hole.”

A sink hole, it was too perfect for a sink hole to outline an entire city. “What do you think did it?” I asked him.

“I think a bunch of gnomes dug out the city from the bottom because they were fed up that the theater didn’t make more plays about their kind.”

“Wha-“ I stopped myself. It just sounded too farfetched. There is no way he could believe that. “Do you really believe that?”

He smiled then said “Why does it matter what I believe. There is no proven or accurate history of the incident. There are no facts about this place at all.”

“Fair enough.” We kept walking towards the center of the ruins. The place was huge. I had believed Tanon to be one of the largest cities in the world but this place could have fit eight or nine Tanons inside the perimeter and still have room for more. How it could have sustained a population out here without a large source of water or farmland was beyond me.

The sun had descended by the time we had arrived at the center or at least what seemed to be the center. Everyone had begun to set up camp. “Fellessen you luck out tonight. I don’t think I’ll have time for our regular training session. Jehmundi will most likely need me to help search for what he’s looking for. So unpack and enjoy the night, just don’t guzzle the khundi juice again.”

I yelled “That was your fault!” but he was already out of earshot or just ignoring me. I began to set up camp. Once that was done I promptly laid down and after weeks of intense training and never ending walking. Sleep came fast. 

The End

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