Double TroubleMature

“Hey, ya think we’d end up in this mess when we were kids?” The resonating bass came from Bigs.

“Not even the slightest.” Curley replied.

“Bitch of a world we live in now.”


The two had left the barracks to get some air. Out of the ten original members in their squad they had been the only ones that had known each other before the war broke out. The two were silently walking down the pier.

“Wish our boat boys could get here and clear this damned blockade.” Curley said.

“Wishing ain’t going to accomplish nothing Curley. You heard the rumors that every barricade including ours took heavy losses. Our squad alone got halved by that attack. Them Aceluns are tricky bastards too. You hear about that fight a while back where they took the last free city on the south side of Indelvar?”

“Yeah, the one where they had put most of their army at the backdoor.”

“That’s the one, the poor bastards moved all the defenses to the larger attacking force while they slipped a few of their shocker troops in the front door. Then those shock troopers held their ground till the rest of the army pulled in and wham they got themselves a bran-spankin new city.”

“So what do ya think they are gonna try on us. We only have one door, and they already busted it.”

“Dunno, but I bet they have something up their sleeve.”

“Hey look at that” Curley’s finger shot in the direction of the armada. “Looks like they are pulling anchor.”

“Maybe our boats are doing some damage to them somewhere and they gotta go stop it. That would be nice, but I’m bettin its monkey business.”

A scout sprinted by the pair heading for the command center. “Musta noticed what we noticed.” Curley said.

“Yeah, nothing we can do about those damn boats though. They decide to leave great, if not then we’ll just have to destroy their army.” Or they destroy ours he thought to himself.

Curley stopped walked and got really depressed. “One way or another this will be over soon. Not enough food up here for one army, let alone two.”

The pair continued their walk in silence.


The End

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