The Acelun commander Capt. Gregory Steiner was distressed by the progress of the attack, mostly by the failed push up the main street of Tanon. He was getting reports of a demon that had felled thirty shock troopers by himself. He had few of those in reserve. Most of the soldiers he had brought from Altrun (the Acelun capitol) had been draftees forced into the military after Brookensdale had been captured by the Tamultans.


         Few of his troops were military grade and it was showing. The Tanon militia had been able to stop the attack at all of the major barricades except one. Unfortunately that one barricade was still blazing away from a grease fire.


         The consequences of failing to capture Tanon were huge. The blockade wouldn’t be able to keep Tamultan ships from Tanon, they were needed elsewhere. If Tanon were to remain in the defenders hands not only would a needed supply of resources be flowing from the city it could be used as a critical staging area for southern Acelun territories.


         “Geoffrey, I have an Idea.” Steiner said.




         “How many shock troopers do you have in reserve?”


         “Twenty sir, not enough to break through anywhere along the line. Especially if the rumors of the demon man are even remotely true.”


         “I know, I want them to go down to the beach and meet up with some of our ships. From there they will spearhead an amphibious assault on the rear of the city. I want three thousand of our reserves landing behind them.”


         “Sir! With all due respect, modern tactics say an amphibious assault especially against cities is to invite disaster.”


         “When have you ever personally heard of it failing?”


         “Never sir, but that’s because no one has been addled enough to try it.”


         “I appreciate you honesty Geoffrey but this will work. At dawn tomorrow I will order all of the troops not in the amphibious attack to assault the cities frontal defenses. It will be ours by ours by night.”


         “I hope your right sir, because if your wrong not only will it be political suicide we may end up much closer to the fighting than warranted.” 

The End

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