The DarknessMature

The darkness felt him getting closer every day. The vessel was approaching its host. The darkness had been waiting for a worthy container for years. Once not too long ago one had been presented to it, however the darkness did not find it malleable enough for its needs.


It had been almost two centuries since the darkness had been able to see the world of men. They had all but forgotten about its rein and what it had brought to the world. It still had some power on the outside. Small deceits could be put into the base of a man’s mind and used to manipulate the situation towards its liking.


It had done that recently with the assassination of that snoody Tamultan prince. It hated what its great empire had become over the years. The darkness had created the super power of the Tamultan kingdom but with age it had become a weak state full of weak men.


It thought even farther back. Before the Tamultans were created it had made its greatest empire, through it the darkness had first ‘ascended’ to the entity it was now. Still residing in the ruins of that great civilizations capital, Rimdrole.


The darkness hungered to control a large civilization again. It wanted to be able to shape the lives of humans, to be feared and worshipped by the masses. Soon, soon I will be able to become a great Emperor again, the vessel nears everyday it thought to itself. 

The End

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