Lyra has always felt out of place when standing next to her twin brother. Lathan was always trying hard to fit in and Lyra always seemed to make a ruckus everywhere she went. But when the government gets involved with Lyra and Lathan's differences she realizes nothing is what it seems to be. With courage and the help of others, secrets unravel and things take a turn for the...

Five hundred years ago, a catastrophe took the souls of millions. They tell us in our history classes that the nuclear war was horrible; fires, radiation, air you could suffocate on, buildings always falling into a heap of dust. Almost everything was destroyed, millions of lives were lost, and the population decreased by sixty percent. The air is now full of radiation and is no longer safe to breath, so we live in a towering building that goes by Rica, to suit all of our needs. They tell us we should be happy we found light through all the darkness. We should be happy that we’ve come so far. But have we?

They say the fights, killings and the struggle to survive was horrendous, people running around in the ruins, scrounging for food and taking each others lives to survive, but one day the fighting suddenly stopped. The world stood still, until the government finally decided that they had enough, so every country laid down their weapons, listened to the officials and moved into hiding. The representatives or presidents met in the middle and discussed the matters. They decided that to live in peace and to prevent another catastrophe that we were going to live a certain lifestyle. So they thought of ways to ensure peace in our communities.

Soon it was said that to keep everyone healthy and safe from the chemicals in the air they would move us into a special building they had been working on. It is big enough to support all of our needs. They sorted the men, women and children by name. If your last name started with an A, then you were on floor A. Same with the rest of the letters of the alphabet. Most letters had more than four floors. Then there were the hospital floors, the school floors and the floors that leisure time was spent on. At the very bottom are the government floors. No one is allowed there unless you work for the government or are sent there for some reason. No one has ever stepped in, no one has ever stepped out. That’s the way it has been and will always be. The building protrudes miles above the decaying Earth.

Another rule was that once a week we would get rations of food and money. Everybody would get an equal amount. If someone broke the rules everybody in that section(floor) would lose the rations for that upcoming week. We live in the same rooms and wear the same clothes. That way, no one feels like someone else is getting something better. There is a room for farming. The farmers say it feels just like your outside and that there's mechanical sunlight for the crops and animals. These rooms are on the farming floor. If you pick a framing job, you are one of those floors.

Another rule is that when you are born you get two monitors in you. One in your brain, to process how your brain is working and to see how you think during certain situations and how you react; they try to track any mutation. Every situation you have, all that data that your monitor is picking up goes into the governments file. They print everyone’s off at the end of the day. The next day all the government leaders go scan the files to see if there is anything unusual. They do this to see if there is anyone that can come in harm to the government, and the last of the population.

The second monitor is in your neck. It tracks when you get sick, how you get sick, and what the illness is. This device was made so the scientist can help us find new cures.

The last thing is the test. Every seventeen-year-old is supposed to take it. It goes by the "Potency Test". It's a test to see your abilities, strengths and weaknesses, how you react in certain situations and to see if there is an abnormality in your brain. The main thing it tests for is agility, emotional responses, and determination. They also take interest in genes and how your brain works. If there is anything unusual they notice they take you and you belong to the government until they're through with you.

But everyone that has been taken has never come back or they are notified as dead. What really happens in the government rooms may always remain a mystery. We have come a long way when not focusing on the disappearances or deaths, but we all know have an idea on why it happens. Probably because those people are not capable of keeping peace. They’re disturbing are peace, They’re afraid of society collapsing, along with everyone being afraid of another war.

So if we have all these rules to keep peace, then why is everyone so afraid? Well, the truth is deep down we know some of us aren't safe. And with rules or no rules, the monitors in our heads and the tests are enough to give us away, and beyond that, secrets do have a way of getting out.

And after that, destruction. 

The End

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