I laughed nervously as I handed him my card. I honestly didn’t know how dance cards worked. Lady Huxtable always made me carry one, but this was the first time I’d ever danced at a ball, let alone had to use my card.

After scratching his name down for ten o’clock, he essayed a deep bow and left me with alone with three unfamiliar men.

“Er, now who was first?” I smiled, unsure of what to do next. I needn’t have worried. They quickly took care of matters, filling out my card, one of them arguing with the other two when he insisted on claiming two dances in a row.

I found myself looking forward to ten o’clock.


I was a poor dancing companion for my so-called “admirers.”

“Your name is Miss Delacourt, is it not?”

“Hmm…? Oh, yes, it is.”

As soon as Lord Windham had left my side, he was quickly snatched up by Betty. He looked all too happy to lead her in the next dance, a waltz. I kept sneaking glances at them. They made a handsome couple, but they never smiled. In fact, they looked strangely serious, their eyes never leaving the other’s face.

I scarcely paid attention to the men with whom I danced. I just kept nodding or smiling in the appropriate places, trying to imitate Isabelle’s charm (and probably failing miserably in the attempt).

Isabelle kept flashing meaningful looks my way, but I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell me.

Lord Windham never once looked at me. He was too preoccupied with Betty.

When the dance ended, he bowed deeply before her and then quickly left the room.

The End

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