A Plan

Melissa sighed, humming to herself to drown out Lazarus' noises outside. She waited for him to come back in before pointing out there was some water in the bag. "Thanks," he muttered. Melissa looked at him. "I'm sorry. I probably just made the feel of this place worse, haven't I?"

"You mean it had the potential to get worse?" He asked, unscrewing the lid of the bottle and drinking the water down like he did the alcohol.

"Of course. Everything can always get worse. Normally that's when I'm around," she sighed. She looked outside to the waning moon and smiled, happy that it was the last time he would change in a while.

"If things were so bad with you around, I'd have left you there, wouldn't I?" He crushed the bottle like he did the last and placed it back in the bag.

Melissa nodded. "I guess there's some part of you that likes me then." She shrugged, her limbs still a little numb.

"All of me likes you when we can agree on things. Most of me still likes you even when we don't."

Melissa smiled. "I suppose I will have to stop arguing with you then. What part of you likes me the most?" She asked, laughing slightly. She stepped across the stone towards him, wrapping her arms around him she smiled. Even after what had just happened she still found comfort in his heartbeat.

"You're more than welcome to make that discovery for yourself when we're both feeling better and have the time," he laughed and winked at her, "but in seriousness, I think my heart. You've been mending it since you first said 'I love you.' And I have no idea how I am supposed to repay you for it."

She blushed a little at the first statement, then looked up. "You don't need to. I already know you love me back and that's about enough." She smiled. "Are you feeling better now?" She asked as the sun began to rise from the horizon.

"A bit better. At least I can stand up, even if I'm still running a high temperature." He shrugged.

Melissa pulled him closer to her and kissed him. "Better?" She asked, although in truth she was the one being warmed up instead of him probably cooling down.

"Much." He smiled and kissed her back.

"Now i'm feeling hot." She breathed, but still held him close to her. "So, now what are we going to do? Do you think the humans will find you here?"

"You still feel cold to me." He muttered, trying to delay the sinking feeling that tugged at him when she mentioned the humans. "We can't stay here. I haven't eaten in ages and you need to be somewhere you can get blood easier. but we need a basement still. Unless it's safe enough by the next moon for me to transform as normal..."

"But where can we go and where can we get food? If anyone sees you they will call the police. You know that." She sighed.

"Of course. I think it's time I moved town any way. supermarkets are open all night, too, so it's not like you can't get stuff for me. If you don't mind, obviously. we can... we can travel at night, keeping as low a profile as we can. only plan I can think of unless you can think of anything better?"

Melissa thought, but not for very long. "I see only one problem. What about your piano, my violin, your song sheets?"

"Anywhere. Away from here." He paused, looking down at Melissa who was looking up at him. "It's a chance to forget, I don't know why I stayed here so long, really." His voice was calm, if not a little quiet.

"Because you had no reason to move on?" She muttered, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

"Maybe I was just waiting for you!" He laughed slightly and kissed her, wishing they had the option to just settle like regular people.

"So, looks like we have a plan then." She sighed and yawned slighly, covering her mouth with the back of her hand. "I am so sorry. Do you mind if I sleep?"

"Don't be sorry. Go sleep, I'll join you on that oh so cosy floor in just a little bit." He kissed her forehead softly and smiled.

Melissa nodded. "Okay," she muttered between a yawn. She walked into the study, gracefully dodging the beams of light that scattered across the floor. The study was as dark as it had always been. She leant against the wall and let herself fall down. Her head falling to the side, resting on the corner wall.

The End

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