Blood Deficiency

"Lazarus..." She muttered, concerned. She placed her cool hand on his forehead. "Trust you to be so awkward." She laughed slightly, it seemed he only had a fever. But she didn't know if it was worse. "I'm sorry. I only know about human biology. I have no idea how your body works." She sighed, cursing herself. She stopped, thinking for a moment. "Have you had anything like this before?" She asked, trying to keep her tone calm.

The words echoed in his head and he fought to keep his eyes open. "When I spent too long in the woods after a transformation a while back. I don't remember it all that well..."

"Lazarus, please. Anything will help." She pleaded, her eyes becoming soft as she kept her hand pressed to his forehead, trying to cool him down.

"Just get some pain killers and alcohol for the transformation, I'll be fine," he mumbled.

Melissa shook her head defiantly. "I refuse to believe that! Look at you, you went from freezing cold to red hot in a few minutes!"

"It's just a fever. And fever or not, the beast isn't going to be too happy if it's in pain from the transformation... You know as well as I do that I can take more than a human, a fever will not kill me, Melissa. Please go and get the alcohol?" He closed his eyes. He was too tired to argue anymore.

Melissa's eyes showed her concern but in the end she simply closed them and nodded, kissing Lazarus' cheek she set off in the direction of the nearest town.

"Thank you," he whispered as she disappeared.

The same cashier served her. Gazing at her in awe and desire as she used her credit card to buy the alcohol, pain killers and a few bottles of water. She sighed as she packed them into a plastic bag, the cashier's gaze annoying her. She grasped her head, feeling faint for a while before she shook it off and returned. "Here." She murmured, handing the bag over.

He forced himself up and gulped down a couple of painkillers with the alcohol, skipping over the water. He ignored Melissa's disapproving glance as he drained the bottle quicker than the night before, slipping back into the blissful paralytic state.

She sighed, leading him to the basement. Her head swam again but she needed to get Lazarus out the way. She led him down the stairs.

"I love you," he slurred, clumsily trying to kiss her on the cheek as cramps gripped his sides.

"And I you." She smiled one last time before closing the basement door. She sat next to the door as she did the night before. As Lazarus howled and moaned Melissa grabbed her head. She needed to get blood, but she couldn't go anywhere. The room in front of her danced and swayed as the feeling in her stomach gripped her. She stood up and moved towards the door, she took two steps before collapsing to the floor writhing in pain. Her eyes began to flicker and close as the dark night enveloped her whole vision. She lay there. Too weak to move, or go anywhere. She wouldn't die until the sunlight hit her. But in this state. She couldn't stop it.


The End

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