Midnight Melodies

Lazarus froze, the sirens on the horizon became ever closer, yet he could not seem to move. The jagged pieces of glass lay littered on the floor around Connor's dead body. Soon the sirens had died, being replaced by the sound of heavy footsteps, Lazarus looked down the corridor and saw a neighbour stood, watching him. "Had she been watching me the whole time?"  He thought, his mind reeling from the act he had committed.

A man took his gun from his side and pointed it at Lazarus. "Put your hand's behind your head and get down on your knees!" He boomed, Lazarus did as he was told and knelt down. Cold steel cuffs were placed around his wrists and he was kicked in the back, an officer shouting at him to get up. He did so, but it was all a blur. All he thought about was "Melissa."

When he was pulled outside a man with a microphone was stood in front of a camera, "great." He growled as he was led towards the cop car. The car sped past all the buildings, making them even more of a blur. Men, women and children stopped to look at the police car, the news had already spread. "At least a scum bag is off the streets." The policemen laughed, Lazarus laughed too. "Exactly what I thought."

The prison was a looming grey building, the sun even seemed to cower behind it. Screams and yells filled the air, the guards spat at the floor as Lazarus was dragged behind them. He moved willingly. They wouldn't keep him here for long. They took the normal procedures, taking all personal possessions, making him change into the eerie orange clothes. Then they took finger prints. This was amusing for Lazarus because they wondered how his fingerprints didn't match any of those on the database. They put it down to a 'criminal mastermind' then threw him into the cold, dank cell. Lazarus shook his head, it had all gone too fast.

The room was dark, cold and stunk. A small barred window in the top of the cell allowed thin strips of sunlight in. Lazarus perched himself on the bed, staring at the various markings people had made on the walls. He hummed a tune in his head, watching the people walk past, sometimes running a baton across the bars or just snickering. He sighed. The sun seemed to take days to set beneath the horizon, Lazarus wondered what Melissa would do when she awoke.

Melissa stretched her arms, yawning. She looked around, "No Lazarus." She huffed, climbing out of his bed. She walked to the front room, flicking on the TV. She checked the bathroom but couldn't find Lazarus. She knew what he had done. She sat upon his piano stool, listening to the ramblings of the news reporters until she saw something in her peripheral.

She picked up the paper, reading through the note. A tear spilled down her cheek, splashing on the paper, making the ink run slightly. "Breaking news!" The woman on TV almost screamed, making Melissa turn round, the piece of paper still clutched in her hand. "Lazarus Thorn has been arrested today for the murder of Connor Hope. The victim, Connor, aged 23 died today when Lazarus hit him over the head with a bottle and then broke his neck. Lazarus was instantly taken into custody after pleading guilty. He now serves his life sentence." Melissa dropped the paper, he eyes widening. "Lazarus." She muttered. The moon outside was almost full, about a night away. She sighed, she had to go see him.

She picked up her violin, then glanced at the piece of paper. Committing the tune to memory before leaving the apartment blocks in a blur. The jail wasn't hard to find, it was the only one nearby. The scent of dog hit her nose and she grimaced, at near full moon the scent was worse than ever. She jumped, elegantly pushing off from the barbed wire, she cleared the fence with ease.

She followed her nose, then jumped. Landing on the roof above his cell. The screams and yells filled her head, people's pleas for innocence. She shook her head, putting the violin on her shoulder. She smiled. She knew she couldn't see Lazarus face-to-face. She just hoped Lazarus understood. She pulled the bow effortlessly and closed her eyes as their music filled the air, halting the screams of the prison. It seemed, for a small moment, there was peace. Melissa played it in a loop, soothing the minds of the criminals inside. They were human, humans with stained innocence. But maybe, maybe some of them were like Lazarus. She sighed, banishing the thought. Allowing the music to clear her mind.

Some guards seemed to wonder where it came from, but the music seemed to be like magic. Rain began to fall from the sky, creating puddles in the uneven muddy ground, but Melissa still played. She would play all night. This was the closest she could be to Lazarus and she wouldn't leave his side.

The End

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