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Connor's hands tightened around Melissa's wrists as she struggled against him. "Would you get off me!" She growled, shaking her head. Her brown hair becoming a flurry around her perfect face. Lazarus stumbled towards them but Connor swung his arm round, knocking Lazarus to the floor. He clambered up weakly, his bones cracking, healing. His wounds slowly closing. He growled. Moving towards him again he grabbed Connor's shoulder. "Get off her!" He growled, throwing Connor across the room.

Melissa could smell the blood from Lazarus, the warm sweet smell. She snarled, then shook her head, running into the bedroom she hid, away from the smell, away from the fight.

Lazarus walked towards Connor, he picked him up by his collar thrusting him against the wall with a single arm. Glass fell from his wounds as he healed. "You're a lowlife, a scumbag." He growled. The wound across his forehead healed, the skin stitching itself together. "What...are you?" He screamed.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He laughed, punching Connor's face, his head bounced back from the wall, making a crack in his skull. Connor screamed, then turned his head. Biting Lazarus' arm. He bit down until he could feel a small piece of bone beneath the flesh. Lazarus howled, dropping Connor to the floor, Connor scrambled up, running for the lift's.

Lazarus looked at his arm as it slowly stitched itself back together, he ran, down the corridor screaming after Connor, he nearly bent down on all fours. As Connor got to the elevator and hastedly punched the buttons Lazarus growled, watching the steel doors close between them. "Let him go." He sighed, "better to check on Melissa."

He walked back to the apartment that was now covered in blood. He closed the door behind him and followed the sound of Melissa's whimpering. He slowly opened the door and walked towards her. She was sat in the darkest corner on the far side of the room. Her knees pulled to her chest, tears pouring down her face.

"I...I'm sorry you had to see that." He muttered, slowly walking closer to her.

She shook her head, "no. It... It's okay." She shivered, the thought of Connor's hands wrapped around her wrists, the words he muttered in her ear.

"I'm sorry that it took you that long to believe me about him, though." He bent down, wrapping his arms around her.

She let herself be cradled against his chest, she still shook with terror. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you." She stuttered.

He stroked her hair, trying to comfort her, but all he really wanted to do was rip the bastard limb from limb "Shh. I'll make sure he never bothers us again."

"No. Lazarus. What are you going to do?" She looked up through her tears into his ice cold eyes.

"What do you think? And don't go all 'you can't hurt him, he's an innocent' on me. He's not."

"No." She agreed. "But think what will happen to you if the rest of the humans found out."

"Yeah, they'll try to put me in jail, and then the full moon will come and I'll probably kill about fifty people on the way out. I'd feel more sorry for them, if I were you." His gaze was stone cold as he thought of what he would do to Connor.

"Then you'd get hunters on you with silver bullets and I'd never see you again!" She whimpered, the thought bringing new tears to her eyes.

"They'd never get me." He smiled, confidently.

Melissa shook her head, unconvinced. "No. There are thousands of them. Millions of humans wanting you dead. Lazarus please. Don't."

"You're over dramatising the whole thing. If there were that many in the world, I'd be dead fifty times over."

She sighed. "There are. They just haven't found you yet."

"Melissa, I have been in pretty much the same place for the last four centuries, ripping up the same woodland every moon. If they haven't found me yet, they're even stupider than I thought."

"Please, don't do this." She cried, gripping onto what was left of his clothes as if not to let him go. "Please, just stay with me."

"Don't what? Don't make this place a little bit safer? Face it, we could all do without a lunatic like him running around." He snapped, his voice becoming commanding.

"Then." She hung her head, she knew she couldn't win. "Then, just stay with me for a while. Just, please." She cried, for once the smell of blood seemed to be nothing to her.

He sighed and slumped his shoulders a little. "I'll stay for a while, but I can't be long. You understand."

Melissa held on, tighter, tears staining his shirt with even more blood. "I don't want to let you go!"

He tightened his arms around her and kissed the top of her head lightly. "It's ok. We'll be okay, I promise."

Melissa shook her head again, "no. I have a bad feeling about this." She murmerred. A strange feeling in her stomach made her feel sick.

The End

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