"I'm glad you're going." She smiled, looking at Lazarus' sullen face. "Lazarus." She sighed, placing her hands on his shoulders. "Just remember. I will be here, waiting for you." She placed emphasis on the word you and kissed his cheek softly. Lazarus simply nodded and left. Melissa ran after him, placing a longer, deeper kiss on his lips before he left.

Just at that moment, Connor walked out his door, narrowing his eyes at Lazarus as he saw Melissa's arms twined around Lazarus' neck. Lazarus held back a laugh as Melissa dropped her arms, turning to face Connor. "You're late newbie. Move it." Connor let out a weak growl and nodded, trudging after Lazarus.Melissa smiled and walked back into Lazarus' room.

Lazarus ran down the stairs, Connor close on his heels. "Hey wait! Since we're both late can I hitch a ride with you?" He asked, his breathing heavy from trying to keep up. "Fine," Lazarus spat through gritted teeth, fighting back the urge to throw Connor against a wall. "If you can handle my driving." He grinned.

Just as Connor closed his door Lazarus sped off, ignoring the speed limit. Every now and then when a speed camera was coming up he braked, sending Connor jolting forward like a rag doll. "Hey! Slow down!" Connor shouted, "you could kill somebody!" His eyes widened as the museum parking lot came up. He braced himself for Lazaus' braking and sure enough. Connor flew forward, his seat belt froze, sending him jolting back into the seat. "We're late." Lazarus shrugged, slamming the car door behind him.

Lazarus walked as fast as he could to get away until his name was called, "Lazarus!" His boss shouted, calling him forward.

"Crap." He cursed under his breath, trudging towards his boss, Connor following like a lost sheep. 

"You're late." His boss boomed, "you too Newbie."

"I know, I'm sorry. I was busy, lost track of time." Lazarus hung his head, fighting back the urge to strangle Connor.

"Well, seeing as this is the first time I will let you off, but. Seeing as Newbie likes you so much you have to work with him for the next few nights."

Lazarus stiffened visibly, cursing inwardly.Loudly and copiously. Connor beamed behind him and Lazarus simply nodded his head "Okay, sir." He spat. Before moving to his locker, putting on his work jacket. "I look forward to work with you!" Connor smiled joyously pulling on his own jacket.

Lazarus was reaching his boiling point and simply turned, "wonderful." He said, forcing a smil onto his face.

It was quite a while before Connor said anything. They were passing the Aztec afrtifacts, since James' death all the glass had been cleaned up, it was like it hadn't happened at all. "So, was that you playing the piano yesterday?"

"I don't know of anyone else in our block that has a piano. or the money to buy one, for that matter." Lazarus spoke, slightly glad the conversation was not about Melissa, although he knew it wouldn't stay like that for long.

"Oh. I didn't think you got that much money from this job." He muttered, slightly silenced from Lazarus' hateful tone.

"I don't, I've had it a while." "For over a hundred years, you prick." He finished in his head. Only his manners, and how he resembled Gabriel that kept him answering his questions.

"What were you before this job like?" Connor asked, not daring to look up into Lazarus' face. For fear of what he might do.

Lazarus hesistated for a moment, wondering what to say. "Lots of things." He concluded.

"Oh! I used to be a florist back in New Orleans." He smiled, as if Lazarus had asked. Or if he even cared.

"Floristry is easy." Lazarus shrugged, not exactly impressed.

"Oh? You know?" Connor smiled, finally happy they had found some sort of common ground.

"Know what?"

"About Floristry, you like flowers?"

"Enough to have gotten myself a job doing it for a while, yes. but flowers are not my favourite."

"Oh? What is your favourite then?" Connor asked bemused.

"I thought that would be obvious." He sighed, feeling as if they had gone round in circles.

Connor shook his head, confused.

"Melissa you idiot!" He snarled, rolling his eyes.

"I'm not suprised." Connor laughed somewhat absent-mindedly.

Lazarus growled. "Would you PLEASE stop thinking about Melissa like that?" He said, exasperated.

"Like what?" He smirked, biting his bottom lip.

"You know what." He snarled, shoving him out the way, walking off.

"Hey. Boss said you had to work with me!" He cried, chasing after him.

Lazarus clenched his fist, Connor looked at them for a moment. "Hey, what's up?" He asked, a smile still spread across his lips.

"I'm fine. Just stressed, and knowing what you're thinking about Melissa is really pissing me off. So be a good newbie and stop thinking about her. Aside from the fact it annoys the hell out of me, it would save you being disappointed, because lets face it, she would never screw you." He stopped, turning to face him.

"Shame." Connor stopped, then laughed into his hand. "She doesn't know what she's missing."

"Connor I'm giving you one last chance before I really hurt you. Shut up." His voice became tense, showing his frustration.

"Or what? You gonna tell Melissa you hit an innocent?" He said, the words just fell from his mouth before he could stop them. 

" 'Hit an innocent'? You'd be so bloody lucky."

Connor looked at him. "Well what have I done, all I have done is think about Melissa. It's not like she belongs to you." He smirked.

"No, you're right, she doesn't belong to me, in fact she can do what she likes. You know what she likes, Connor? She likes being with me. Now drop it."

Connor shook his head. "No. I will see what she is missing. What do you think her favourite flower is? Or don't you know your girlfriend's own favourite flower?" He asked, walking off calmly.

"Connor, I have done my best to be civil, but if I hospitalise you in the next ten minutes, you can't hold me responsible." He dragged Connor outside the nearest fire exit and punched and kicked him till Connor's face was red with blood.

"Now... what are you going to tell Melissa...?" He asked, "you think... you think this will stop me?" He rolled over, spitting out blood and one of his teeth he laughed.

"I'm not going to tell her anything, but you can tell her what you like. And no, I don't believe it wil stop you, but it certainly makes me feel better." He smiled, a faint bell going off telling him his shift was done.

Connor dragged himself up. "Don't worry I will. Then when she sees what an uncontrolable freak you are, she will be mine." He laughed, trudging towards the lockers. 

"She knows what I'm like. And I know what she is like. She won't have you." Lazarus walked off.

"If I can't have her. Nobody can." Connor smiled, when Lazarus had disappeared into the distance.

The End

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