"No...It's not." She stood up, leaning against the back wall. He obviously didn't want her near him.

"It must be." He stared at what seemed to be nothing, he looked as if he was deep in thought.

"Why? He said his name was Connor. Lazarus, Gabriel is dead. You know that." She tried to speak as softly as she could. She knew it was a sensitive subject.

"Of course... you never knew him... You don't have memories of Gabriel, so how could you know, but I tell you, if you did, you would agree. You would!" His gaze snapped to Melissa, his eyes seemed to show a mix of pain, sorrow and anger.

Melissa looked at him stepping a little closer. "You're not making any sense!" She reached a hand towards him, to touch his cheek cautiously.

He accepted her touch and closed his eyes, comparing his angel, Gabriel, to Connor. "It's Gabriel..." He whispered. "How could that not make sense?"

Melissa brought her hand back. "Because Gabriel is dead!" She shouted, frustrated.

"No," he cried, his tears falling freely. He didn't care if Melissa saw him crying.

"I'm sorry." She tried to wipe away his tears, but more kept flowing. "But you are over 400 years old. Gabriel would never have lived that long." She tried to stay away from the fact that he had been the one to kill him.

"He... he..." Lazarus couldn't get the words out, he didn't know what to say. Part of him knew she was right, but... the feeling that it was Gabriel was so strong, that the rest of him rebelled, convinced that Gabriel had somehow returned to him.

Melissa looked at him. "Would you like me to go? You obviously need to think." She sighed.

"I..." he pushed himself out of the bath and got up. "I'm sorry."

She shook her head, "for what? You're obviously confused." She sighed. "I don't want to see you revert back to how you were."

"I'll be fine." He walked out of the bathroom, dripping water throughout his apartment. Instinctively he reached for the vodka in his cabinet.

Melissa appeared next to him in a blink and knocked the bottle out of his hand, it's fragile form smashing against the wall. "Lazarus! I refuse to believe you are going to be okay, you were just sat there crying, now you're reaching for alcohol again?"

His eyes flashed dangerously and he swore at her loudly, slamming out of the apartment. She followed him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Lazarus! Stop this!" She cried.

He swatted away her hand. Moving quicker down the stairs. But when he reached the bottom Melissa was already stood there. Holding out her arms across the stairs, barring his path. "Lazarus! Stop this!" She bared her teeth, almost hissing at him.

He narrowed his eyes and without thinking, Lazarus pushed her up against the wall, putting his face intimidatingly close to hers. "I'lI will do what I bloody well like and you can't stop me. I was fine, before, I got by. Leave me alone!" He let her go and kept heading in the direction if the off-licence.

Melissa's brow creased as tears began to flow down her cheeks. "How did it all shatter like this?" She mumbled to herself, pulling her knees close to her chest she just sobbed where she sat.

Lazarus' thoughts were like a storm cloud, heavy and over cast with the same monotonous thoughts. Memories that had plagued him for centuries and a stab of regret for treating Melissa the way he had.But the bottle's lure was stronger than the rest, he walked into the off-licence, cursing the lack of money he had after buying Melissa's violin. So he settled for a smaller bottle of vodka.

Melissa saw the sun outside, it was high in the sky and Melissa stuck to the shadows, but she needed to see if Lazarus was okay. She stepped out of the shadows for a moment, the sun burnt through the bottom of her robe. She instantly brought it back, inhaling she ran to behind the door where she was safe. Now. "I have to see Lazarus." She breathed.

Lazarus turned the corner, reaching the street that the apartment block was on. Melissa stood behind the door, then opened it. The sunlight poured in. It slowly burnt through her clothes, they were only thin so the sun burnt them easily. She took a step outside, the heat made her sway, loosing her balance. She fell, unconcious, the sun scorching her skin slowly. "Lazarus... I hope... you're okay." She muttered, upset that she could not see him.

He looked down at her, and sighed. he bent down to pick her up, gentle around her burns. He carried her bridal style over to the lift and waited impatiently for the cramped box to arrive. When they finally reached their floor, Lazarus took Melissa to her own door, kicking it open and laying her gently on the matress. "I'm sorry," he whispered, kissing her forehead softly. He left her there in the dark, and locked himself in his own apartment, unscrewing the cap from the bottle he drunk it down like water. As if it were the thing that would keep him alive.


The End

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