New Strings

"Having a heartbeat isn't all that great. It's a vampire attraction." He winked, smiling at her.

"Yeah, but..." Her face dropped, her perfect red lips turned downward. "It makes you feel so cold, so lifeless... so dead." She sighed, somewhat missing the small drum that used to beat within her chest.

"If it means you get to spend eternity with a werewolf, I'm sure you don't mind," he laughed half heartedly. "If you choose to spend eternity with me, that is."

Melissa's face brightened as she lifted her head, looking into his wintery eyes. "Why would I not?" She smiled, "eternity just wouldn't be long enough."

"I don't know, I just worry that's all. Really, every month you run the risk of being mauled, same as Logan. I just hate the risk." He paused uncomfortably, "I'm sorry, I'm ruining Christmas," he tried to smile, but his worry was betrayed on his face.

"Don't worry, you're not. It couldn't be a better Christmas if you tried." Her eyes glanced to the floor where her violin box still lay, then she looked back at him, running a slender hand through his blond hair. She leaned towards him, brushing her cold, red lips over his before deeping the kiss. As if taking away all his worries.

"Hmm, I won't believe you until you try out your new violin," he smiled in between quicker kisses.

She smiled, "what would you like me to play?" She eased herself off his chest, before picking up her violin. The smell of it's new wood hit her nose, the feel of it's slender body under her fingers. She missed it so. She picked up the bow and pulled it gracefully across it's strings, listening to it's beautiful notes. her lips parted slightly as she smiled.

Lazarus walked over to his piano and began to shuffle through his papers. "It's not exactly a christmas present, but I finished it while you were asleep the other day." He patted the space next to him on the piano stool.

Melissa sat down beside him. "For me? You shouldn't have! Stop spoiling me." She smiled, resting her headon his shoulder for a moment, reading through the notes scribbled on the paper.

"I'm hardly spoiling you by writing you music." He shrugged, running through the music in his head also, making sure it was perfect.

"It's more than I'm used to getting." She whispered before placing the violin on her shoulder, awaiting his count in.

He laughed. "Get used to it." He counted them in and began to play.

The music lifted the atmosphere in the room, the symphony floated on the air, carried on the wind out into the street. Lazarus smiled, looking to Melissa every now and again, the look of joy on her face as she played. When the music began to die Melissa felt a strange tug in her stomach. She put down her violin, holding it in her hand. "That was... beautiful."

"Thank you." He paused, turning to Melissa. "I though of you when I wrote it." His eyes sparkled with life.

She froze, the words died on her tongue. She had no idea how to reply. She hung her head, embarrassed. She sat, simply enjoying the silence. When she listened closely she could hear his heart beat skip as he reached out a hand to hold hers. She held on to it, as if her life depended on it. She looked at the piano and then at Lazarus. "Thank you." Were the only words she managed to speak.


The End

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