Melissa began to worry about him. Where had he gone, was he okay, had he been drinking? She put her mind at ease when she saw the piano in the corner, she could play... a little. She knew, this was the perfect way to put her mind of things. She just hoped Lazarus wouldn't mind.

The sun had begun to rise above the horizon when Lazarus returned home. Melissa sat at his piano singing 'Hallelujah' with perfect ease. Her light tenor filling the room. Lazarus smiled, placing the violin box upon the table he sneaked up behind her. She continued to play, unaware that Lazarus had returned, until he swung his arms around her, kissing her cheek softly. "You're home." She smiled, placing her hands on his arms.

"Yeah, it was a long night." He moaned, his joints still aching from the transformation and also from the awkward sleep in the back of his car.

She got up and kissed him gently. "I hope you don't mind. I got worried and I wanted to take my mind off things."

"Why would I mind?" He asked calmly, although his voice was a little hoarse and broken.

"Because it's yours and I played without permission." She looked at the floor for a moment then back at him.

"It's fine." He smiled.

She smiled back, "I'm glad you made it home unscathed. Although, what were you doing earlier?" She queried.

"I had to get something from town." He spoke, his voice returning to it's original tone.

"Okay." She beamed, happy. "So... does that mean your change is over for now?" She seemed curious, although a tip of worry edged into her voice.

"For another twenty something days. Yeah." He sighed, relieved.

"That's good. That means I get more time with you." She looked to the window. "Although, I wish I didn't have this stupid weakness." She cursed, looking back at him.

"Yeah I'm glad it's out of the way for now." He didn't know what to say about her weakness, so he simply kissed her again and held her tightly. "Means we can spend Christmas together with no interruptions."

She looked up at him, her face somewhat sad "but, I won't be able to buy you anything." She sighed, resting her head on his chest.

"You don't have to." He smiled. "I won't be able to get much for you. I can be a quiet Christmas." Her ran his finger through her brown hair, playing with her locks.

"But I wouldn't feel right not giving you a gift." She spoke in a soft, melancholy tone.

"Christmas came early when you told me you loved me. It's enough." He let her perfect lock of chocolate brown hair fall back to her shoulder.

Melissa simply smiled, hugging him tighter. Although she was quite weak it wasn't by much. "I love you." She mumbled, catching an old smell of vodka on him. He had been drinking before the change. Although, he didn't seem drunk now. She figured it was to numb the pain, then winced at the thought before pushing it from her mind.

He squeezed her back, being careful not to use too much strength. "I love you too." He pushed some of her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

She looked out the window and let out a deep sigh. "Look." She growled. "You have only just come home and I have to sleep." She cursed Logan and her 'disease.'

"It's okay. When you wake up, I'll be clean and I'll have clean clothes to wear. And probably the beginnings of a new composition." He smiled up at her, his eyes sparkling with some secret that he had yet to tell her.

She looked at him dubiously. "But... I have no instrument." She muttered quietly, more to herself than to him. As if trying to figure something out.

"I didn't need it to compose last time. I can compose, we just need to wait till I can get you a new violin."

She sighed, she knew he was hiding something. But she let it drop. Breaking their embrace she went to walk out of his apartment. "Would you like me to come back?" She asked, spinning round where she stood.

"What a ridiculous question," he muttered, "of course."

She smiled, then left his apartment. Instantly Lazarus grabbed the box from the kitchen side and hid it in his wardrobe, under a pile of old, tattered clothes. He smiled, walking to his piano chair he waited for her to return.

When Melissa reached her apartment she scanned over her boxes. She found the one she was looking for and dove into it, pulling out another of her night/day gowns. She slipped it on, it went to just above her knee. "Maybe too short, especially for company." She sighed, and dove back in, this time pulling out a longer one that dropped about three quarters down from her waist.

She quickly moved across the corridor, slipping back into Lazarus' room. Her bare feet making no noise at all. She looked at Lazarus who gazed at her blithely. She hoped her nightgown wasn't too revealing.

"Welcome back." He smiled.

"I told you I would." She smiled. "I just, hated going to sleep in my normal clothes." She closed his door, standing just in front of it.

"I've stopped noticing any more." He laughed half sadly and then glared at the washing machine. "I can't remember how to make it work, any ideas?"

Melissa moved effortlessly towards the machine, glancing at it for a moment she pressed a few buttons, filled it up with the soap powder from the side and pressed another button. It whirred to life. "There." She sighed, yawning slightly. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yawn." She covered her mouth, stifling another yawn.

"Thanks. You'll have to remind me how to use it some time, but for now, I think you need to sleep." He steered her into the bedroom, pulling back the duvet for her. He grinned as she got in and kissed her gently.

She smiled, kissing him back. "I'm so sorry. You must think me terribly rude." A hint of her past life slipped into her speech and she halted. Somewhat shocked by the change. But she rested her head on the bed pillow. "Lazarus, when was the last time you slept?" She looked up at him, her eyes flickering as she fought to keep them open.

"Why would I think you rude?" He watched her eyes begin to close and sat down, brushing a hand across her cheek. "You need to sleep." He paused, knowing she would not like the answer to her question. "I slept in the car before coming back."

She placed a cool hand upon his, then turned her head, kissing it softly. "Because I'm yawning ever so much and you musn't do that! Your back will begin to ache so terribly!" She seemed annoyed but the sleepiness in her voice made her speech quiet and dull of emotion.

"You can't help being tired, Melissa, stop being ridiculous," he smiled gently, his pale blue eyes glistening as he gazed at her sleepy face, "I've been doing it for as long as I've had a car. It's never bothered me."

She nodded lazily, "I love you." She smiled, her eyes beginning to close. She held his hand in her own as she fell silent.

"I love you too. Sleep well," he murmured moving away, taking his now cool hand from her. He smiled, gazing at her sleeping so soundly.

The End

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