Conflicting Thoughts

The moon looked down upon the vile scene, as if content. Its luring song stopped, allowing Lazarus' form to change back. Melissa, stood a few metres away. She wanted to watch, but she also shook at the sight. She suddenly saw Lazarus differently, she saw the true power he held. Part of her began to become afraid of him. She lifted an arm, staring at her shaking hand. She tried to stop it, but it wouldn't. 

Lazarus turned, looking towards Melissa, walking towards her. Instinctively she took a step back. She didn't know why. Her fragile form trembling from the cold, deathly look still glazing Lazarus' eyes.  She wanted to stay, to hold him to make sure he was safe. But an almost overwhelming pull wanted her to run away, to never turn back, just flee. She thought this was why she shook, her brain fighting for control over her body, wether to embrace him, or run from him.

"Where are you moving away from me?" He asked, taking another step towards her.

She froze. "I...I'm not." She shook her head, "I mean, I don't know." She couldn't move and her speech was slurred and broken because of the shakes taking over.

Lazarus looked at her, his eyes softening a little. "I did tell you not to stick around for the transformation." He looked around. "How far did we come? My clothes are in the car..."

She still stuttered but turned, pointing to a little metal machine in the distance. "Not far." She looked at his naked form and blushed, turning away as he walked back towards the car. "I know, but I could see everything he did in my head. I had to come and do something." She followed him, at a distance the strange knot in her stomach pulled her towards him, yet her mind told her to stay away.

Lazarus nodded as he pulled the clothes out of the bag, pulling the loose material around his bony form. "Thanks. He was really beginning to piss me off."

"Mmm." She nodded, looking at him. "Is it always that... violent?" She mumbled, looking at her hand's as the shaking began to cease.

"Depends on a lot of things. My mind set before I change, what's around when I'm in that form, what distracts me, how long the transformation lasts. That one was strangely short."

She looked at him and shrugged,"what if I was there next time... when you, change. What would you do to me?" Her voice was sullen as she gazed at the floor, longing to look up into his bright blue eyes.

"Probably much the same as last night. Unless you got away from me quick enough." He walked closer to her, his voice was soft and calm.

She shook at the thought of Logan being torn limb from limb, he did that. Lazarus. "Okay." She sighed, looking up at the bright rounded pearl in the sky. Thinking of what horrors it brought.

"You don't have any more trouble vampires trailing about after you, right? I don't wanna have to do that again. Look at me!" He said pointing at his bloodied hair and face.

She took her gaze from the moon to him. "No. I... I don't think so." She shook her head, her mind still swimming of thoughts. Her voice was sad almost as she recollected all the times with her sire. But no. He deserved it... he deserved that brutal ending...did anyone deserve that?

"Good." Lazarus said, his voice still cold. He opened the driver's door and got in, then looked up at Melissa. "Getting in, or would you rather walk looking like that?"

She clambered in, almost reluctantly and as Lazarus set off she turned to him, "why are you suddenly like this? You're acting so cold." She pulled her knees up to her chest, as more of a comfort measure than a way to keep warm.

He didn't say anything for a while, trying to let the flashing white lines on the road hypnotise him into a calmer state, but it didn't work. "I just hate, really hate that you had to see me like that. You think me drunk is bad? That is when I'm at my worst, and you had to see it." His knuckles were turning white as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel, the anger at himself growing. "I'm sorry. I just hate what I am so much..."

She looked at him as he gripped the steering wheel. "It's... okay." She stopped, wondering what to say. "What will happen now? What do you expect me to do now I have seen that? Did you expect me to leave, to call you a monster?" She sighed. She wanted to hold him, tell him everything was okay, that she didn't care. To kiss him and tell him she would be there. But. The love was really one sided. She sighed again, turning to him, waiting for her answer.

"I don't know what to expect. But I wouldn't blame you if you did choose to go, or call me every name under the sun. In fact, I'm surprised you decided to even get in the car with me." He wanted to look at her, but seemed reluctant to move his eyes from the road. They would probably survive it, but on his paycheck he would probably never get another car.

"You know, a part of me want to leave to run away." She paused, gazing out the window at the trees whizzing past. "But a greater part tells me to hold you close and never let go..." She stopped realising how stupid she sounded.

Lazarus nodded and tried to smile. "I'm glad." he said quietly, his posture finally relaxing a little.

As they reached the apartment blocks Melissa smiled. She got out the car and opened the outside door. She looked down at her lace gown, now in tatters and cuts on her legs slowly beginning to heal. She sighed. "I hate fighting." She shook her head before walking towards the lifts, that had been fixed earlier that day. She called for it and waited.

As they waited for the elevator, Lazarus reached out his arms and pulled Melissa close to him, trying to ignore the fact that he desperately needed a shower. "Me too." He whispered.

She smiled, slightly shocked at his sudden embrace. But suddenly the smell of dried blood caught her nose and she pushed him away, getting into the elevator. "Sorry." She muttered as he followed her in. She punched the number in and sighed. "I haven't drank in ages. I'll restrain myself."

He nodded, realising he had made a mistake. "Sorry."

"It's not your fault. I should drink more often, that's all." She smiled as the elevator rang open on their floor. I wonder what werewolf blood tastes like. She thought, but instantly shook it away. Moving to her apartment.

The End

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