Emerald to Ruby

Melissa looked down on him, tears streamed down his face as he clutched to the cushion. She sighed. After closing the blinds she sat down on his piano stool, gazing over him. 'Hes been drinking again. You know, I don't think he has a choice anymore. Its like... hes addicted, no comfort without a bottle in his hand." She tought about what she should do, what she could do.

Her drunken angel lay on the sofa. She got up, then knelt by his side on the floor. He stirred, ever so slightly, then he began to cry again, she wondered if he was falling. Melissa placed a cool hand on his warm cheek, brushing some of his hair from his face. The stubble made his cheek rough, but she smiled. Kissing his cheek softly. She withdrew, but didn't want to. Something inside her stirred. She could hear the blood running through his veins, like a river over rocks. She stumbled up, kicking the table. Lazarus stirred, opening his eyes slightly. "I'm sorry." She bowed slightly before leaving his apartment.

She opened the fridge, throwing around empty milk bottles that were there when she moved in. Then she found it, the red packet. The blood inside sloshed around as she ripped it open, drinking it down like water... like Lazarus did with his alcohol. She stopped, thinking. "How can I say about his addictions when i'm like this?" She snarled, throwing the empty packet to the floor. Blood ran from her mouth and her pupils dilated, her iris becoming a dark red.

Outside her door she could hear Lazarus taking the two steps to her door. "No! Don't come in...I'm... I'm busy." She cursed herself, for not hinking of a good reason. She knew he wouldn't believe her. Quickly she wiped her mouth, licking the blood from her hand. She looked at the floor as she spoke. "Okay, come in." She sighed, her eyes had gone from deepest emerald green to darkest ruby red. She looked like a monster, her eyes, her fangs. The smell of blood on her breath.

Lazarus opened the door, it clicked first then squeaked. Melissa could hear every little sound as the blood began to warm her body, turning her pale skin a lighter pink. She cursed the feeling, but it felt so... good. 

Lazarus looked over Melissa standing by the fridge with a sheepish look on her face and he edged closer, the alcohol pumping through his veins giving him false confidence. "What's up?" He slurred.

Melissa gazed at her shoes, not daring to look into his face. "Nothing. I needed a drink." She muttered, backing away from him.

"A drink," Lazarus laughed, "how is it that drinking rules both our lives, though admittedly in different ways?"

Melissa looked at his shoes for a moment before gazing back at her own. "Are you drunk?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. Though he couldn't see.

"What do you think?" He mumbled sullenly.

She shook her head, "I hope I'm wrong. I don't like it when you're drunk, Lazarus." She took another step back, placing her hand on the wall, leaning on it.

"What's the difference between me sober and me drunk? The only difference I notice is I want more things when I'm sober." He raised his head a little, trying to look Melissa in the eye, but he swayed and stumbled, the movement unbalancing him.

Melissa instantly appeared by his side, placing an arm around him. "Why did you come here?" She muttered, still refusing to look at his face.

"What do you mean why did I come here?"

"Why did you come here? You must have had a reason."

"I..." He put his fingertips to his forehead, his eyes closing wearily. "I... can't even remember. I feel sick."

Melissa held a hand to her forehead and sighed, pushing him towards the direction of her bathroom. "Don't worry, it's the only place in this bathroom that is semi-clean."

Lazarus hardly heard her words as he fell to his knees beside the toilet, vomiting the moment his head was over it. When he was done, he let himself fall away from the toilet, groaning as he fell limply to the floor.

Melissa sighed, leaning on the door frame. "I'm glad i'm not human." She laughed slightly before pulling Lazarus up. "How can you like that vile stuff when it makes you like this?" She groaned.

"Whoever said I like it?" Lazarus moaned, the after taste twisting his face into a mask of fatigued disgust. "You're forgetting one tiny detail - I'm not human."

She nodded, "you're more human than me." She muttered under her breath, taking a glass and filling it with water from the sink. "Here." She sighed.

"Hardly." He replied, taking the glass of water and gratefully rinsing his mouth with the liquid.

She looked at him in the eye, her own were blood red. "Really. You can eat and... drink. Whatever you want. I can't." She sighed, picking him up. "Come on, you need to get some rest." Placing a hand round his waist she led him back to his own apartment.

Lazarus let her lead him, his limbs numb and limp, his head spinning. Melissa put him in his bed, reluctant to help him change his clothes, though he didn't seem to care what he was wearing. Melissa sat on the bed with him, avoiding his eyes again.

"You love me." He muttered quietly. She opened her mouth to talk, but he waved a hand, cutting her off. "I think... I want to love you too, but... oh god, I miss him so much!" he cried, letting his tears fall all over again.

Melissa smiled. "I don't mind whether you love me or not." She lay on the bed next to him, looking at the celing. "I know. But. You must move on from these things." She paused, placing her head on his chest. "I will be here if you need anything. I don't expect you to just forget." She sighed, she knew really she couldn't help him. It was something he really had to do himself.

The End

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