Full Moon Revenge

Melissa shook her head and smiled softly. "No, thank you." The sun came in through his window and she instinctively ran toward it and close blinds. "Sorry." She muttered, her arm slightly scorched. "No need," He smiled, "good night." He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "Or good morning." He turned away as she walked into his bedroom. "Thank you." She muttered once more before closing the door. She was asleep soon enough, but by the faint mutterings, Lazarus had beaten her to it.

She dreamt of Lazarus, of all the stupid things she had said, "Had she ruined it?" All the things that had happened, all the things she regretted. Then an image of her Sire appeared behind her eyes. His dark black hair ruffled around his distinct cheek bones. His dark brown eyes staring at her with evil intent. "Sire!" She screamed waking up with a start, but her scream was muffled. She stopped, looking to her side. There stood a dark, shadowy figure with black tousled hair and evil brown eyes.

He simply put one finger to his lips signaling for her to hush. He removed his hand as Melissa pulled the covers around her. "What are you doing here?" She growled. She saw from outside that it was night again, but only just. The light blue sky of the dying sun filtering through the broken blinds.

"I'm here to challenge you for these grounds." He hissed. Melissa shook her head, she had no reason to fight. "You were the one that killed that man, weren't you?" Her Sire only laughed. His voice was deep and eerie; just how Melissa remembered "Yep. You're next."

Melissa turned to scream for Lazarus but he got there first, clasping an iron hand around her mouth. "Shh. You wouldn't want to wake up your guard dog, would you?" He put a hand to her neck and thrust her up against the wall. She coughed, feeling her windpipe slowly breaking, even though she was dead and didn't breathe her windpipe could not heal. Just like as a human, then she would bleed to death. "Lazarus." She spluttered.

Lazarus woke, somehow hearing his name in his sleep. "Melissa?" He called.

"Lazarus." She coughed. Her Sire rolled his eyes, tightening his grip, blood ran from her mouth. Lazarus opened the door and froze to the spot, Melissa tilted her head, her green eyes shining as they met Lazarus'.

Lazarus growled, the wolf inside him taking over; however his shape did not change. He lunged forward making the man lose his grip around Melissa's neck. She fell onto the floor with a thud, breaking her leg. She stopped herself from crying out by placing her hand over her mouth and simply sat staring at the wall.

"Ahh, here's your little guard dog then." He snickered turning round.

"Guard dog? Just who do you think you're talking to? No body gets killed on my turf and gets away with it." He snarled advancing on the Vampire.

"Hmm, maybe this fight is for another night. For now I have to feed." He laughed, diving through his window.

"BASTARD!" Lazarus screamed, jumping out the window after him. Dragging his claw like nails down the wall to soften the impact.

The Vampire just turned and started laughing. "Good Luck trying to follow you mutt." He smirked, running off into the distance. Within seconds he had disappeared over the horizon.

Lazarus followed his scent as best he could but the town's pollution covered it quickly. He growled as the trail was lost. He looked around desperately trying to find the vampire. Inside he fought back the guilt of failing Melissa. Almost instantly his mind flicked to one thing.

On the way back to the flat's he stopped off at an off-licence, picking up a bottle of vodka. He hid it in a brown paper bag as he ascended the stairs and back to the apartment. He stashed the bottle quietly in a cupboard before returning to the bedroom.

Melissa looked up, "Lazarus! You're not hurt are you?" She cried looking over him for any cuts or bruises.

"How would running around the town looking for a vampire that runs too bloody quickly hurt?" He snapped, frustrated at himself.

Melissa tried to get up, but a sharp pain struck her leg and she fell back down again. "I... I" She growled at the pain now slurring her speech. "I was the only one that could out-run him you know." She smiled almost triumphantly. "Till he broke my leg." She cursed in a whisper on the end.

"Impressive." He nodded, then continued in a concerned tone, "do you need a hospital for that?"

"No, but it will take a painstakingly long time to heal. A few hours I should think." She growled using her one good leg to propel herself onto his bed.

"Better than a few months." He shrugged. "Do you need help setting it or anything?"

Melissa nodded. "Yeah, could you just..." She swallowed the words, she knew this would hurt. "Could you crack it back into place? I never had the strength to do it myself."

Lazarus pulled at her leg and winced at Melissa's pain. Melissa bit her tongue to silence the scream, a tear involuntarily falling down her cheek as she growled. "Thank you." She mumbled as the pain shot through her leg.

Lazarus looked at her, his eyes softening. "Can I get you anything?"

Melissa nodded. Silenced by her pain. She felt like a little kid again that had just fallen down and grazed her knee. She held out her arms and grabbed Lazarus round the waist, resting her head on his stomach. Lazarus sat down on the bed, wrapping his arm around her comfortingly. She smiled, though he couldn't see.

"I don't care if you didn't catch him, next time we do it together." She whispered, the pain still edging her voice slightly.

He nodded. "Next time he bothers us I hope it's a full moon." He said vehemently.

"You still won't be fast enough." She sighed, then wondered for a moment. "How do I know, at full moon, you won't go for me?" She muttered looking out the window to the nearly full moon.

"No, but I won't be so pathetic either. And... I don't know. You should probably stay away. A few miles might be enough."

"No. I won't leave you alone like that. You are more vulnerable as a werewolf." She paused, instinctively knowing he would argue, she continued. "You follow your instincts not your brain. He will trick you."

"Do as you will," Lazarus bit back a growl, "I hope that for your sake that if you're going to stick around for my transformation, if he's still around that we get him before that."

"Lazarus, I didn't mean to offend" She lifted her head, but not breaking their embrace, and stared into his pale eyes. "You know I didn't."

"I'm not offended. I'm upset that you want to stick around while I become some uncontrollable beast without a second thought for what I might be tearing apart." His voice became sullen.

"Upset? Then sorry I upset you." She never broke eye-contact with him as she continued to speak, "you see,I know, that somewhere, within here..." She touched his chest, just above his heart. Feeling it beat gently. "That you will never hurt me. Whether beast or human." Her voice became sure and confident.

"You can't know it for sure, though. You haven't seen it... I..." he stuttered and came to a stop, breaking their eye contact, blinking away unwanted tears. "Forget it."

The End

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