Stupidity in Emotion

Melissa lowered her violin, "A shame it can't last forever." She muttered as if she had read his mind. She gently traced a finger over her violin. Its smooth surface was flawless, much like her own figure. She sighed, turning to face Lazarus.

"We have hundreds of years ahead of us both. Plenty of time for more compositions." He paused, "though admittedly that's the first one in about a hundred and fifty years."

"You say that like we are going to be together for all those years..." She trailed off, sorrow lilted on her voice. She was thinking of the rogue vampire. She doubted she would survive that encounter.

"I... I didn't mean it to sound like that..." He slapped his forehead  "Ugh, first I sound like I wanted some kind of romance, now I sound like a heartless twat. I'm sorry" He sighed.

Melissa smiled, "no, its okay. You sound like you care about the music. I feel the same way. I just don't think I will survive this encounter. I have to stop running from my fights." She sighed, her brow furrowed as if she was about to cry. But she fought back the tears.


"With the Rogue."

"Why wouldn't you survive it?" He asked, confusion in his voice.

"I've never fought in my life and... I can't even throw a human across a road. I'm weak." She collapsed to her knees, placing her violin on the ground next to her.

"You might not have fought, but I have." He knelt on the ground next to her. "I'll help you."

Melissa shook her head, "No." She hung her head, her brown curls forming a veil around her head. "I can't let you do that."

"Why not?" He spoke in a rather stubborn tone.

Melissa did not look up, instead she looked at her knees. "I won't see you hurt."

"You saw me hurt the first time you met me. I always hurt. what difference would it make if I got a few scratches in a fight?" He tilted his head slightly, but she could not see.

"Because I..." She stopped, the words flowed in her mind but she was too embarrassed to speak them. "No, how could I? How stupid. I have only known him a few days. He's a werewolf and... no. Its stupid." She battled with the words in her head.

"Because you what?" He placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly but dropped it again.

Melissa shook her head the lifted it. "No, its stupid. Never mind." She spoke whilst plastering a fake smile on her lips, she hoped he would not take it further.

"C'mon, tell me. Because you what?" Melissa's heart dropped at his words, she would have to tell him.

"No, you'll think I'm stupid." Her eyes strayed to meet his pale blue eyes.

"I think you're stupid for being afraid to tell me in the first place." He paused. "Sorry."

Melissa got up, she was ready to make an exit after she spoke. She did not want to be there to find out what he was going to say afterward. "I think..." She took in a deep breath. "I think I love you." She looked down at him. "Sorry. I shouldn't have... sorry." She spoke as she ran out of his apartment and into her own. She placed her back against her door and slipped down it, sitting on the floor. "Oh no, my violin!" She thought. But there was no way she was going back there.

The End

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