Melissa could feel the sun about to rise she got up and closed the blinds, but they didn't close all the way. She sat in a chair beside his bed, watching him sleep. Every now and then he muttered Gabriel's name. The sun filtered through the blinds, burning her skin in thin lines. It stung but she wouldn't leave Lazarus like this. She also took the liberty of calling his work and telling them hes sick.

As the sun began to set again she looked at her burnt arms, she knew they wouldn't heal for a while but she didn't care. She saw Lazarus stir in his sleep and she smiled. She opened the blinds again and returned to her chair, she also took the liberty of switching off his alarm. "Good evening." She smiled, looking down at him. "Ungh." He groaned, sitting up grabbing his head, he winced at the pale moonlight lighting the room.

"You feeling better?" She smiled, Lazarus just looked around wildly searching for the source of the noise. When he finally saw Melissa he hid under the cover. "Oh God, what did I do?" He groaned.

"You were drunk." She reached a hand over and pulled down the duvet so she could see his face. He looked okay. "No kidding." He groaned, squinting his eyes at the light; waiting for them to slowly re-adjust.

"Should I take that as your semi-sober?" She smiled as he tried to pull the duvet up over his head again. "I want to go back to sleep, headache...ungh." He growled.

"Then sleep, I don't see anything here to keep you awake." She looked at him. "Whats the time?" He slurred. "8:30pm" She replied precisely.

"I should get up and get some asprin, I have work in a couple of hours." He scowled trying to get up. Melissa pushed him gently back down, winching at moving her arms.

"You have no work, I called you in sick." She smiled.

"Oh God." He excalimed, realising the burns on her arms. "What happened."

Melissa just smiled politely and replied. "Your blinds are broken and you have slept all day."

"Of course I have work...gotta pay the rent next week and i'm sorry about the blinds wasn't there anywhere else to sit?" He sat up properly, this time Melissa didn't stop him.

"Its okay. I will pay your rent and I wanted to make sure you were okay, I couldn't see you from the other side." She smiled, wincing again as her skin slowly began to heal.

"You can't pay my rent! It's generous, but i'm pretty much a stranger - a drunk stranger to you." He grimaced, "You couldn't see me from the other side of the room?"

Melissa smiled. "A drunken stranger who wrote this for me." She looked down at the pieces of paper in her hand, she had hummed it to him all night. "You also know things that most others don't."

He thought for a moment, studying the piece of paper. "Oh God. That, I didn't embarrass myself majorly did I...? It wasn't some romantic proposal was it? I'm sorry if it was." He groaned. Burying his face in his hands.

"No, I don't think so. But it was sweet." She took one of his hands, placing it away from his face. "But I consider you to be more than a stranger at least."

He looked up, brushing hair out of his eyes. "Thanks, I should be getting a shower now. Sorry." He murmerred. Melissa just nodded. "Its okay, you know where i'll be if you need me." She got up stretching her limbs. Then began to walk out of the room. "Sorry." He called after her awkwardly. 

"No need to be." She smiled, before closing the door behind her and heading to her own room. There she sat in her worn out sofa, hugging her violin case. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep even though it was night time outside. 

The End

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