Night Cap

Melissa woke again to the same Nightingale chirping at her window. She stretched herself out, before deciding to change her clothes before beginning to root through some of her boxes. She pulled out a black dress. She slipped it on and it fell to just above her knees, flaring at the bottom like a ballerina dress. She slipped on her black high-heels and went to head out the door when something caught her eye. She bent down to pick up the yellowed piece of paper. She looked at it. "For, Melissa." She hummed the tune in her head and smiled.

Melissa placed the script on the table and ran out the door. She listened in to the room next door. "No bodies in." She muttered before running down the stairs. Almost instantly she picked up his scent. Dog and Alcohol. It was a pungent mix but she persevered. "Lazarus?" She called as the scent began to get stronger. "Lazarus?" She turned her head, seeing him stumbling outside an off-licence. "Lazarus." She sighed running toward him, almost slipping in her heels.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, almost relieved she found him.

"I ran out of alcohol, you?" He coughed, his voice hoarse. She could tell he had been up most of the night.

"Looking for you! I had some at mine if you asked." She smiled softly, looking at the tired, drunken wolf in front of her.

"Why the heck would you be looking for me?" A growl slowly appearing in his voice.

"I wanted to say sorry." She looked down at the floor, then placed her hands on her hips, stopping him from entering the off-licence.

"What for? I upset you, you kicked me out. It was fair enough. Excuse me." He tried to make his way into the shop, but Melissa placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Please, it was me. I got upset over nothing. I'm sorry."

"Its fine. I made things worse." He explained, trying to get past her again.

Melissa moved again, blocking his way. "You think alcohol will make this better?"

"I wrote you an apology and slipped it under your door, and now I intend to drink myself to sleep, or I will never get to sleep." He snarled, expecting her to move.

"You drink alcohol to get to sleep? Come on, come back to mine. I'll fix you something."

"Only today" he lied, "I'll be fine, thanks."

"Lazarus, I'm worried about you. Please." She pleaded, desperation edging her voice.

"You don't even know me! How can you be worried after only knowing me since... four o'clock this morning?" He paused, thinking back. "Or, whenever it was." He pushed past her, entering the shop.

Melissa stumbled to re-gain her balance. Lazarus was obviously stronger than her. "Lazarus..." She sighed, worried. Then stood, waiting for him to come out again. Soon he reappeared with a big bottle of vodka that wasn't even in a bag.

"So, now what are you going to do?" She murmured, looking cautiously at the bottle.

"I'm going to go back to my crappy little apartment and drink myself to sleep. Then I shall wake up when my alarm clock goes off and go to work." He began to walk back to the apartments. "What about you? Going for a drink of your own sort?" He snickered and began to unscrew the lid from the bottle.

She sighed, trying not to let the annoyance show in her voice. "Fine, if that's what your going to do, so will I."

Lazarus simply nodded and began walking back to the apartment. Melissa followed behind him, keeping quite a distance away from him.

The End

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