Playing together, playing alone.


Lazarus watched dumbly as Melissa left, closing the door behind her. A few seconds later he heard the door to the apartment next to his open and close again. Guess that must be where she lives, then. He heard muted words as she cursed herself. The apartment fell silent and he stood awkwardly by the door. He didn’t know whether to follow her and call her back or not.

He opted for the easy thing to do, and he sat by his piano, glaring at the vodka bottle. That bottle and the sheets of paper resting beside him seemed to rule his life when the moon was hiding. He sat quietly for a while, wondering what to do with himself. Usually he would play mindless games and wait for his shift at work. But... Melissa had somehow changed things. There was a noise from the apartment and he glanced at the wall, wondering what it was.

He realised what he could hear was a violin muffled by the thin walls. Fur Elise. It was a piece he knew well, and he turned to the piano without hesitation. He waited for a place that he could pick up the melody easily.

Together the two were lost in the harmonies and though they were alone in their own different apartments, they could hear each other perfectly and each of them felt a vague comfort from playing this way. As they came to the end, Lazarus took the lead, picking Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonatra as their next piece. He wondered if it made Gabriel smile up there in heaven. He came to a cadence and left Melissa to play, as he got up.  He took one last quick glance at the vodka and grunted, disgusted at his own alcoholism, before leaving the apartment, making the two step journey to Melissa’s.

He knocked on the door.

The End

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