Musical Breeze

Melissa's eyes softened. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." She stopped and as he turned round she wrapped her arms around him. It was sort of instictively. Lazarus just stood, rigid in her arms. Melissa unwrapped her arms and looked up at him. "I'm sorry, I'll go." She whispered before walking out the door. She didn't use her vampiric speed, she hated it. She hated the beast within her. She opened her door, this time it didn't jam.

She almost ran to the window, opening it. She leant on the window sill and allowed the air to blow through her hair. A tear ran down her cheek. She wiped it away. "Why do I have to be so stupid?" She cursed. She thought about all the times she had, as a human. She was the cute girl that always sat in the corner with a book. While the others went out to festivals and music concerts she sat reading the latest novels. No body had ever loved her, anyone other than her mother.

She got up and walked over to a dusty maple box sat upon the table in the corner of her room. She blew off the dust and opened it up. She picked up the violin and the bow, gentley she began to strike the bow across the strings. She stood at the window and began to play Fur Elise. As she played she hummed the tune in her sweet voice. The wind took her song and carried it on the breeze. Another tear ran down her cheek as she remembered her longing to play on the stage. She changed the song to Moonlight Sonatra, humming the song again. Red tears fell from her eyes as she played, staining the wood.

The moon turned her face paler and the rose red tears made patterns along her skin. Her brown hair swayed in the breeze, framing her face. She had a natural beauty when she was human. Death only seemed to accent those features now. The moonlight shone in through her window and she smiled, her blood red lips parting slightly under her veil of tears. The memories were too fresh. Like wounds opened again.

The End

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