Rain Check

"A wolf." She muttered as she approached her door again. She pushed it. It stuck. She sighed and pushed it again, almost falling through as it swung open. She looked out the window, the dark black slowly turning to blue. She pulled the plastic tab, the blinds slowly fell, covering the window. Melissa sighed and curled up on the floor. (Which, she thought was a lot better than that bed.) Then replayed the music in her head as she began to fall asleep. Humming the sweet tune meant only for Gabriel and Lazarus, she never knew the secret that music held.

Melissa woke to the sound of the nightingale singing on her window sill. She stretched her arms. She needed to get a new bed. The song still played in her head as she yawned. She looked at the digital clock on the rotten table. 8:30, perfect. She closed her door, not locking it. She felt no need to. A thief would be stupid to think there was anything worth stealing in there anyway. Then began to descend down the stairs. She opened the fire door and headed down the street. She couldn't help looking up into Lazarus' window.

The wind was blowing her curls round her face fiercely as she strolled down the street. She could smell a human close to her but she just ignored it, she didn't realise it was closer than she thought. "Hey, watch it lady!" The man growled. She pushed her hair from her face and apologised. The man shook his head. "Not that easy." He snarled, pushing Melissa into an alleyway.

The alley was only lit by a flickering red light, lighting the door to a blood bank. "Thats what my nose was leading me to." She laughed. The man grabbed her throat, obviously trying to pick her up but failed. "Hmm, not quite the vulnerable woman you thought." She giggled. "Silence!" The man growled, fumbling in his pockets for his knife. Melissa shook her head. "I hate drinking from humans with lives but... it is a low life, and O negative." She laughed to herself before bearing her fangs and diving into his neck.

When she had finished she left his unconscious body in the alley. He would recover soon and have no memory of the event. Melissa bit her finger, then placed two drops of blood on each of his neck marks. They healed in an instant, the man would wake and think he had too much to drink or tripped and got knocked unconscious. She sighed and began to walk back to the flat. The night was over to quickly but she didn't want to be near when he woke up.

She punched in the numbers once again and walked back up the stairs. She stopped at her door, then glanced to Lazarus'. She smiled to herself and made sure she looked okay by looking in the mirror in the hallway then approached his door. She rapped on it three times then waited. He opened it quicker this time. He looked almost shocked to see her there. She smiled and asked, "Rain check?"

The End

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