Silent Melodies

Melissa wiped her eyes and licked the blood from her hand. Her eyes glanced at the bed and she sighed. Tomorrow she would get a proper bed, for now she would sleep on the floor. Luckily the dank apartment had blinds. She had about two hours left before she should sleep. She loved Winter, longer hours awake. She decided, that she would go to meet the neighbours. After all, she didn't know which ones were okay to bite, which ones she should leave alone.

She walked out the door and knocked upon the one next to it. She didn't care it was 4:30, she would just smile politely and charm them. She tapped her foot. From inside she could hear the air full of music although, the music had stopped a while ago. She sighed and walked down the corridor, listening to the doors till she found someone that was awake.

The End

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