Melancholy Lullabies

Melissa, the vampire. She had a last name, but she had ditched it when she lost the need for it. She walked from the music, after the beethoven had stopped and the piano started she walked towards the flats. She had, afterall just moved here. She looked at the dark building and pushed open the door after punching in her code. It gave a pleasant beep as she ascended the stairs. Fourth floor, number 15, she followed the numbers to her door where she pulled out the old rusted key and pushed it open. It stuck. She pushed again, almost falling through the door as it swung open. She grunted to herself as she looked around.

It had a dank kitchen to the right of the door. The kitchen had dirty yellow linoleum tiles on the floor and the cupboards had started to rot away. The wallpaper of the flat was a deep grey and peeling off the walls. A cockroach scuttled past her feet as she took a step forward closing the door behind her. She walked forward where a door on her left hand side led to a bedroom, the bed was but a double mattress that was yellow and stained. The en-suite was the only semi-clean thing in the apartment. Melissa sighed and thanked the heavens she wasn't human.

She looked at the clock in the living room 4:30am. A solice armchair sat in the corner, facing the window on the far side of the room. It was a floral pattern, from what she could see. The armchair was ripped and the stuffing was falling out of it. She looked around her and a tear fell down her cheek. Red, like the darkest rose. She walked to the window, leaning on it cautiously. It didn't look all that secure.

She thought to herself, about what it was to be human. Then she heard a solemn voice in the back of her head. "Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are.  Up above the sky so high. Like a diamond in the sky. Goodnight my sweet. May your dreams take wing."  Her eyes began to well up. Blood filled the bottoms of her eyes and spilled down her cheeks dripping upon the windowsill. She let her voice let out the faintest whisper...


The End

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