Sweet Music

She lifted her head, Beethoven? She smiled as she let the music float around her. "No one nowadays listens to that." She tilted her head, trying to find out where it was coming from. "There." She had pinpointed it, then looked up at the flats, about four storeys up she looked into the window.

There she saw him, his eyes glinting into the night, not actually focusing on anything. She felt the cool wind caress her hair, sending it in a swirl behind her head. "Who are you?" She mouthed the words. Sending them in through his window. She sensed something, different about him. Though she wasn't sure what. She was after all only a young vampire. Well in vampire years anyway, she was 'created' 400 years ago give or take. But her sire was a vampire elder created about roman times. But she picked up alot from him, after about 50 years he left her. Alone. To traverse the lands as a walker of night. 

The End

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