Drunken and Disorderly?

The woman walked further down the street, her body swayed alluringly. She couldn't help it, Vampires normally do that. Attract the victim, like a moth to a light and then strike.

She walked a bit slower, someone was following her, not very well I might add. She walked down an alley, it was completely dark apart from the clubs eerie fire doors green light projecting onto the bricks.

"Hey Lady!" The drunk slurred. He burped and tripped over his feet. "Want a good time?" He laughed with the smell of beer floating through the air. She winced. "Sure, what you got?" She smiled, moving closer. Resisting the urge to throw up her guts, not that she could. The drunk laughed again, beginning to unzip his pants. She snarled and placed her arms around his waist, the drunk was fat, smelly and his blood was, horrible. He was an A+ she liked O- Not to mention the alcohol tasted so foul she nearly threw up the blood on the floor, but she was too hungry. "Cow!" He screamed "Get off me!" But she silenced him, broke his neck and walked off, wiping her mouth.

She looked back, "Shame, no family, friends and no good memories." She didn't have to kill him, but it was right. "This way you won't have to commit suicide. Pour soul." She snickered.

She had only just moved into this town and she had already killed someone. She swallowed, making sure all the taste was out of her mouth, then looked around, leaning onto the wall. Clearing her head of the guy's painful memories.  

The End

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