Death's Symphony

A Romance Story.

Moonlight. Mother Moonlight. She shines upon all we are, whatever we are and looks after us while we sleep. She keeps the Earth safe, while the sun sleeps away. Luna. The night guardian.

She looked at the moon, It was in a waxing crescent. Beautiful. Short, wispy grey clouds occasionally crossed its path. The unearthly figure walked down the shadowed street. She had no destination, but she had the night in her veins, and the stars in her heart.

She had brown curly hair, perfect curls that fell over her shoulders, framing her perfect face. She focused her gaze on the street in front of her, her deep emerald eyes that shimmering under the starlight. Her skin was pale, but still had a flesh colour to it, a slight pink blush upon her cheeks. She smiled, a perfect smile. Her small fangs flashing slightly. They were very small, just a little bigger than a humans. Her face looked like it was sculpted by angels. Her figure, a perfect hourglass. She wore a pair of tight leather trousers, and ankle high boots. Along with a long black coat and a tight red bodice that hugged her curves enhancing her figure. She walked like a goddess, enticing all towards her.

"A rose, by any other name should smell as sweet." She murmured as she turned the corner, down this street was a small club. It had a flashing neon sign, casting an eerie blue glow. There was a massive man stood outside and a huge line waiting to get in. She snickered as she looked at the line. "How pathetic," She whispered, her sweet enticing voice floating over the wind.

The town was lowly filled, she thought, with all sorts of criminals and black market dealers. She laughed. Although, inside, she felt rather sorry for them. They did not know what it was to live, so they squandered their lives. She sighed, her life had become boring, she forced herself to live among the rats. For she feared she would blend into the shadow and lose her humanity forever.

She shook her head, clearing her mind. An image flashed before her, a man, being divorced by his wife. His daughter screaming as she was dragged away him. "Perfect," She thought. "A soul with nothing left. Although, I bet he's drunk." She sighed. She hated to taste alcohol laced blood. Mix alcohol with molten copper and you get something no where near as horrific as an alcoholic's blood. 

The End

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