Death's Song

Ok, so this one came from a dream. I have disturbing dreams. I hade my back ripped open by a shinigami and he jumped inside of me... any way, this is about Kyle and Liedos. They are two totaly different people. Well, actualy Liedos isn't a person. I wont give that much away just yet. I'll let you see what it is about by yourself. I may change some of it, so feel free to critisize.

Kyle watched the trees pass as he ran. He used to love the forest. Not any more. Not after today. He used to love the smell of nature, the freshness of rain on the soil, on the leaves, heightening scents so even the weakness of a human sense of smell could appreciate the beauty of it.

 A tree behind Kyle got uprooted, it's red and yellow leaves floating gently to the ground despite the force and violence that had been used to uproot the tree itself. The tree came hurtiling towards Kyle, and missed him by an inch. He felt the leaves brush his face as it passed. He couldn’t stop to review memories now. He would get caught, although deep down he knew that the creature chasing him was just toying with him, that it could outrun him anyway.

 He tripped over protruding tree roots, the blazing sun blinding him. He wished he could run in the oppisit direction, away from the sun that he would usualy appreciate.  He was agonisingly slowed when he had to climb over uprooted trees. Every few seconds he would fall, only to pick himself up again from the floor painted with multicoloured leaves, and continue running, oblivious to the many crimson gashes in his arms from falling on barbed  plants. He didn’t know why he fell, if it was from the roots or from the invisible monstrosity that was chasing him, and he didn’t care. As long as it didn’t stop him running completely.

 His supplies of energy soon started to dwindle. He was never much of a runner. Even the fact that he was running for the permanence of his existence did not stop the burning pain in his side, or help ease the pain in his over worked lungs. He felt light headed. He couldn’t keep on going at his pace.

 Kyle fell again. He didn’t notice until he could feel the wetness of leaves on his face. It was Autumn. He loved Autumn. The forest was always the prettiest at that time, before the leaves fell but still boasted beautiful reds and yellows and browns that decorated the trees instead of usual boring greens. It had been raining earlier. The ground was still moist. He could smell it as he was running, but it was stronger now that his face was buried in the leaves.

 It was then that he noticed he couldn’t get up. The smell of leaves was becoming nostalgic now. It reminded him of death. He wanted to get up. He tried again, using more energy than he had last time. He pushed as hard as he could using his powerful arms. His torso didn’t lift. Something was weighing him down. Now that he thought about it, he could feel something crushing his chest, he could feel the pressure on his ribs. Was something sitting on him? No, he shouldn't call it something. He knew exactly what it was. The secret that he would die to protect, the reason why he had been running, why he never stopped until now, was how he knew.

 Suddenly the pressure on his torso lifted. Kyle was too tired to even try to get up. If he did, he would only fall again. He had failed. He had tried as hard as he could to escape, but it was all for nothing.
 Maybe that’s why the creature had let him run, to tire him, to make him easier to capture. Kyle didn’t know how they changed people, what was going to happen next, why they needed a human to physically appear in reality, but he was soon going to find out.

 He felt his shirt getting ripped off. A long, cold finger stroked his spine. He shuddered. He felt something sharp at the top of his spine once the finger had trailed it’s way all down. He shuddered again and he felt a hand on his face. Was it… comforting him, or was this just part of the procedure? The sharp object pierced his skin. Kyle cried out twice, once when it had pierced him, and again when it touched his spine, moving it. He heard a grunt behind him. It slid down his back the same way the finger did, opening his back up. Kyle felt sick. Through the cries of pain, he began to retch. He could hear noises behind him, coming from the creature that was opening him up. It sounded like soft growling. There was occasional whines and groans added. That must be their language, Kyle thought, although he didn’t try to understand it, despite the fact that it was addressed to him.

 He felt it’s finger again, this time tracing a line horizontally across his back, exactly half way down the first one. After it had finished, he felt the sharp object again, resting where the finger had began. Kyle closed his eyes and clenched his fists, knowing what was coming. This time it was quick, the creature not having to be careful of damaging Kyle’s spine. The next part was by far the worst. He felt two hands on his back. They were big. Bigger than a humans. They were cold as well. It made him flinch. The thing didn’t notice. It made it’s way up to the part where the two gashes met. He felt fingers dig into his insides, extracting a loud, agonised scream. It prised his back apart. Kyle wanted to pass out from pain but he did not. He felt the creatures hands go inside of him. Kyle was too weak to scream. He moaned instead, his tears dampening the already wet leaves. He had promised himself he’d be brave if this happened. He never excepted it to be this bad.

 He felt arms follow. Was the creature going to fit itself inside of him? How big was it?
 He heard another soft growl from the creature, but this time he understood it.
“It’s nearly over. Hold on…”
He was too depressed to be surprised. He was going to be changed into this creature. He was going to be erased from existence. He blocked out what was happening to his back. He was pretending nothing was happening. He at least wanted to be erased happily. He was just in the forest. He was lying down for a rest.

 It didn’t last long. He couldn’t help but notice when the creature fully entered his body. He felt cold wash over him, numbing his senses. He was grateful for that. There was no more pain in his back. He could still feel it twisting inside of him, worming its way around his body, but it didn’t hurt. It soothed everything it touched. It was evidently uncomfortable. He could feel where it’s limbs where. It’s arms where crushed in his chest. It was so much bigger than him. It was like an adult trying to fit in a teenager. Not small but not big enough. It’s arms wriggled around, trying to find his arms. It found them, and he felt it ’s arms stretch out, filling his arms and even going further, it’s fingers reaching outside of his. His left arm was filled first, and he felt his fingers twitch, although he had not made them do it. His right arm was a second, and the creature wriggled Kyle’s fingers. Next came the legs, and then the head.

He was staggered when it entered his head. Unlike the rest of his body, they shared the head. Kyle could see all of it’s memories. No, not it, his. He could see the world they came from, what they actually looked like, their laws… everything about their kind he found out as soon as he entered the head. He also found out about the actual creature that was possessing him. His name was Liedos, translated to Death’s Song in English. They had a strange language. Less words than English.

He would have wanted to ponder his possessor’s background longer, but Liedos stood up, stretching. He took in his surroundings. He took a cautious step. This was his first time as a human, his first time on earth in the world of the living. It felt strange to have a heart, to have some liquid pump around his body. It felt strange for so much inside of his body to be… moving. What was stranger was the presence of somebody else inside of him. He was two separate people. He would have to share the body for a while. He would have to share his thoughts.

How long will it take? Kyle asked. It felt strange to have a voice in his head.
For what? Liedos was reluctant to answer. He didn’t want to answer. Not to a voice in his head.
For me to disappear. For you to change my body.
It’s already started. The length of time until it finishes depends on how strong you are. How much you fight back.
Liedos felt an emotion that didn’t belong to him. Hope. It was Kyle’s hope.
Than I will fight you as hard as I can.
Liedos smiled. Kyle was fighting a losing war.
To the death? Liedos asked, smug.
Agreed. Kyle answered, venom in his tone.
Liedos started walking, laughing quietly to himself. This is going to be easy.

The End

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