Midnight VisitorsMature

Jim Heron stretched as he stood for the first time in hours. Running a museum was a lot less busy than people thought, usually, but with the lack of employees Jim was running security. During the day that meant watching the computer screens while people visited. At night, Jim had to walk around and check on all the exhibits. Fun stuff, really.

Jim grabbed his flashlight and pistol, then began his rounds. First was the samurai exhibit. Nothing odd here, but lots of swords and sets of armor made Jim take his time. Whether it be knights or samurai, Jim loved the old warriors. Well, it was on to the African exhibit. Nothing here, either. Just nearly naked manikins with spears and such. And then...

Soon the first round was complete. Now Jim had an hour to kill and...

Jim pulled his gun as he saw a figure at the door of the museum. Was there someone really stupid enough to try and rob this place from the front door? Or was it someone in danger? Jim, thinking of the possibilities, rushed to the door to get a better look. 

What he saw was a young woman - around twenty or so if he had to guess - leaning against the door. She didn't react to him the way he would have guessed, though. Instead of running or crying out to let her in, she simply pushed against the locked door in a lazy fashion. Was she sleepwalking? It was odd, but not unheard of. Jim couldn't see her face with all that hair either. Damn, what should he do?

That's when he realized something. There were other figures out there. The way they moved... Was everyone sleepwalking?! Damn! What to do, what to do?

The girl at the museum door gave out a shriek making Jim jump back and point his gun at her. The hell was going on?! Her face... her face was sunken in and her eyes gone. It was like one of those zombie flicks that his old tour guide, Caroline, used to watch. But zombies weren't real. They couldn't be. 

Jim found it harder and harder to believe that as more people that looked just like the girl came to the door and pushed. Now Jim was panicking. That door is supposed to withstand riots, but all those peo- no, monsters... were pushing at the same time with more and more gathering. That much constant pressure... 


Dammit! Jim ran towards one of the emergency exits, grabbing a spear off an african warrior as he passed. He didn't know why he had grabbed it, but Jim knew he needed something more than a gun. The door gave way and let Jim into the empty alley beside the Museum. Only, it wasn't completely empty. 

Three figures lined the way to the employee parking lot at the back of the building. Dammit, Jim didn't have a choice. He put his gun away and charged the monsters. Before slapping the first one in the side of the head with the butt of his spear, Jim thought he might actually be dreaming. But, he wouldn't take this calmly. At least with the spear, these things wouldn't die. They might be people playing a prank or something... Yeah, Jim couldn't kill them.

The other two went down easily, making Jim really glad he had practiced at night. Why was he excited, though? Maybe because these weren't manikins. Yeah, this was actually fun. Jim hurried on, pulling his keys to his jeep as he entered the parking lot.

Yellow Jeep. There! Jim jumped in and cranked the vehicle up, ignoring all the figures located throughout the parking lot. They were too far away from the exit to bother with. Now, where to go? Who did he know around here? Caroline might be back at her house by now. It had been a few months since she quit working for the museum. And if her daughter was there... Wait, what if they had got there?

Jim floured it, feeling worried about the family of a woman he had called a friend. He didn't know why, but he was still feeling excited. Maybe this was a dream.

The End

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