The Final Moments

"Heaven sent you to me," whispered Alina, though she knew her words had fallen upon unhearing ears. Leaning close to Alexander, she intertwined her fingers in his and laid her head against his chest, not caring that his blood still seeped. Her fingers squeezed Alexander's over and over again, and she wept against him, knowing that the most beautiful being on earth had just left to watch over her from Heaven.

Presently, Alina became aware of something scratching against her cheek. She sat up and found that there was a note tucked into Alexander's jacket. Tears having been entirely spent, Alina opened the note with trembling hands.

It was the list of fifteen names that Alina had given to Alexander on that fateful night. But underneath the listed names was Alexander's distinctive handwriting. Alina stifled a sob when she read what he'd scrawled beneath: Her fingers touched this. He'd been keeping the note because it had been from Alina, however paltry the token was. 

Alina placed the note back in Alexander's jacket.

She lowered her head and wept.


The nightly wind began to blow, and the stars saw no sadder sight that evening than a young woman weeping over the love of her life.

As the stars shone down upon the small town, they beheld a love more heartfelt and untarnished than any other love between a man and a woman. 

They saw no woman more sorrowful and yet at peace than the young woman who held her lifeless lover in her arms.

And they saw no villain more beautiful and pure than the one who lay at peace, the rising and falling of his chest having ceased, his lips graced with a smile that only the love of his life could have caused.

He really must have loved her.

The End

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