Deathly Secrets, Chapter LXVII

Alexander can barely keep from fading out of consciousness as Alina speaks to him, but something about her words keeps him from teetering over the edge of death's brink. He will stay alive for her, if even for only a few more minutes.

"You're worthy of peace. You're worthy of redemption."

"Your love is my redemption," Alexander whispers, weakly squeezing Alina's hand. The effort causes more blood to spurt from his fatal wound.

"No, Alexander. It's not enough." Alina took a deep breath, then spoke with urgency. "I know you don't believe it, Alexander, but you don't have to go on like this any longer. If you must die - " here, Alina chokes on her tears again - "then you don't have to die alone. There's Someone who loves you even more than I do."

Alexander's soul burns at Alina's words, but he can't bring himself to believe them.

"I promise, Alexander, I won't let you die like this." Alina kisses Alexander's forehead. Her voice drops and falters. "All you need to do is let Him in. And then, we won't have to say goodbye."

"It's too late," Alexander whispers. "Please, don't say that..."

"I lied to you before, and I'm never going to lie to you again. I know you feel too guilty, but so did I. So does everyone before they come to Him. I love you, Alexander, and so that's why I'm not going to let you go unredeemed!" Alina meets Alexander's eyes. "Just believe, Alexander. Believe. It's enough!"

Alexander wants to believe. And in the still night air, he can hear an inaudible Voice beckoning. Come to me!

Alexander takes a ragged breath. "I believe."

Peace explodes within Alexander, and he looks over at Alina, whose face has suddenly become radiant with a glow she cannot contain. "I believe, Alina."

The End

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