Deathly Secrets, Chapter LVII

Alexander grabs up the note someone just slipped under his door. His heart races as he recognizes Alina's handwriting.

She wasn't scared away! She doesn't hate him! She wants to meet with him - meet with him! - tonight at midnight! Alexander could dance with joy, but he contents himself with raising his hands in victory.

Alina wants to see me! My past hasn't turned her away! Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

Alexander falls to his knees. He hasn't said anything to God in quite some time, but as his heart is overflowing with joy, he dares to whisper a prayer for the first time in ages.

"Thank-you, God."

It would appear Alexander is the only one of us who doesn't know his heart is about to be broken tonight. His joy is all for naught.

But for the moment, we'll let Alexander rest in his soon-to-be short-lived happiness.

The End

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