Deathly Secrets, Chapter LI

Alina prayed her words wouldn't fall upon deaf ears.

"When I see you, Alexander, I don't see a failure. Yes, I see instances in which you've failed, but those instances don't define your life. You're not a failure, Alexander. You're not hopeless. Honestly, I see the way you hurt yourself, and it breaks my heart. I hate to see you suffer...I don't know...I just wish you could see yourself the way I see you. The way God sees you. Because, trust me - you are one of the most promising people I know. You have passion for the wrong things, yes - but imagine what you could accomplish if your passion was turned in a different direction!

"You have so much life inside you, Alexander. I see brokenness, but I also see beauty." Alina blushed. "I know I'm rambling, but I just...want you to know what I see when I see you."

"The way God sees me," Alexander scoffs. "The way God sees me - "

" - is someone who is more valuable than words can express," Alina broke in. "You've made lots of mistakes - I'm not going to say you haven't. But so have I. So have we all."

"Not like me. Nobody makes mistakes like I do." Alexander held up his hand when Alina tried to protest his words. "I'm sorry, Alina. I just can't accept what you say. I haven't even told you the worst part yet."

Trembling with tears, Alina sniffed and whispered, "You know I'm here, Alexander. You know I'm always here."

"No, Alina. I can't tell you this. I can't tell you the next part."

Alexander shuddered.

"It's the part about the confessions."

The End

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