Deathly Secrets, Chapter XLVIII

His heart skips a beat. Alina is unknowingly casting a spell over him with those expressive grey eyes. And he can tell he's having somewhat of the same effect on her - he can tell, just by looking in her eyes.

Alexander clears his throat and looks away. Oh, no. He refuses to go down this path! He refuses to give any of his heart or take any of hers. Love doesn't exist for me, remember?

But then, it's like he can't stop himself. He whispers, "May I kiss you?"

Alina says nothing for a moment, and then nods. "Y-yes."

Alexander reaches across the ground between him and Alina and smooths Alina's hair from her face. The nightly wind is blowing ever so gently, causing some of her tresses to fall into her eyes. In one fluid motion, he slides his hand down to Alina's back, where he draws her just a little closer to himself. Alina closes her eyes, leaning her forehead against his. No words need to be spoken as the two sit in complete silence.

And then, Alexander kisses Alina, ever so softly. He hears Alina's sharp intake of breath, and when he realizes what he's done, Alexander pulls away, hands shaking. Oh, no. Oh, The gravity of the situation strikes in as Alexander recognizes the fact that he's already beginning to tarnish Alina's innocence.

Alina is trembling, too, and Alexander feels responsible for her fright. Standing abruptly, he curses and begins to pace. "I'm so sorry, Alina. So sorry..." His next words are spoken with self-hatred. "I can't do this to you, Alina. Don't let me do this to you!"

A shocked silence.

There are tears in Alina's voice, and Alexander senses a tone of bitterness. "I think you need to tell me just who you are, Alexander. No more secrets."

Alexander sinks to the ground. "Oh, Alina...But I owe you an explanation. I'll tell you everything." He closes his eyes tightly. "I'm so sorry..."

The End

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