Deathly Secrets, Chapter XLVII

Alina sat down beside Alexander, chuckling inwardly at the mishaps that had just occurred. She didn't consider them unattractive. Awkward, maybe, and clumsy, certainly...but also extremely endearing. And she had to admit that Alexander looked really charming when he blushed. All the anger she'd felt toward him had evaporated the moment she'd seen his disarming smile from yards away.

Alexander was, in fact, devastatingly attractive. Even his flaws, his weaknesses added to his persona. Of course, if Alina could have her choice, she'd choose for Alexander to be freed from his imperfections, but somehow...somehow, she was able to see past them and into the man Alexander truly was.

Unless, of course, Alexander was right about himself, and he was nothing but pure, raw wickedness and uncontrollable, unbeautiful addiction.

"So. You told me you'd tell me a little bit about yourself tonight."

"I'm not thinking that's such a great idea, actually," Alexander objected. "I was still pretty bleary-minded this morning. Am still a little bleary-minded even now. I just don't know that - "

"I want to understand you, Alexander." Alina was tempted to put her hand on Alexander's shoulder or take his hand as a way of comfort, but she wasn't sure if it would drive him further away or not.

"I don't want your sympathy."

Alina snorted. "No offense, but it's a little late for that."

Just then, something changed in Alexander's eyes. Their close proximity made Alina's heart jump, and she watched with both horror and thrill as Alexander's eyes made their way from her eyes to her lips, then back to her eyes again. Was it just her imagination, or had they both stopped breathing?

"You're really something, you know that?" Alexander whispered, and Alina's blood seemed to stop flowing. She was frozen by the beauty and the awfulness of it all. 

Alina couldn't tear her eyes from Alexander's own. So disarming. So very disarming...

The End

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