Deathly Secrets, Chapter XLV

He still feels pretty rotten.

Alexander runs his hands over his face. It's been a couple days since he's shaved...oh, bother it all, he really doesn't feel very well. Not even now. Not even at eleven-thirty at night. Though he's certainly over the worst of his record-setting hangover, he still feels hazy and disgusting and far from ready to meet with Alina.

But Alexander can't let Alina down. Goodness knows he can't let her down. Goodness knows God will strike him dead with a lightning bolt if he so much as breaks a petty promise to Alina. Still, Alexander wishes he'd been a little wiser than to agree to meet with Alina when he still feels, acts, and smells like the hungover wretch he has become.

It's not that he doesn't want to meet with Alina. It's just that he doesn't exactly want to be wandering around town in this state.

The steps creak as Alexander makes his way out of the inn. The innkeeper looks up with a frightened expression, but Alexander has paid him and threatened him enough to know that the innkeeper won't betray him.

The cool night air hits Alexander's feverish skin with vengeance, and Alexander shoves his hands in his pockets, trying to retain body heat. His teeth chatter. It's alot colder than he expected.

Ugh, he's such a mess!

Tonight will mark either the most redemptive or the most foolish night of Alexander's life. Tonight, he will tell Alina about himself. Not everything, mind you, but he's going to bare his heart in ways he hasn't done in ages. It'll be Alina's choice to either leave him

And maybe tonight, you and I will hear Alexander's past, his motives, and his reasonings. Maybe tonight, you and I will better understand this miserable worm we know as Alexander Hale. Maybe tonight, you and I will hear the story of this villain we've both come to love...

Oh, tonight will be a night neither of us will want to miss.

The End

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