Deathly Secrets, Chapter XLIII

Molly Jenkins, best friend of Alina and first victim of our villain, stood out on her porch and took a deep breath in...a deep breath out...a deep breath in....and the process continued until her nerves had died down a bit.

Ever since the traumatic confession in the Summeridge square, Molly had been experiencing panic attacks. She'd wanted to go visit Alina, but something about her best friend had changed. There was always a worried look in her eyes...always the air of a secret she wanted to tell but couldn't. Molly had no idea what was going on in her friend's mind, but whatever it was awful.

Molly didn't realize how hard she'd been gripping the porch railing until she looked down and saw how white her knuckles were. Perhaps she shouldn't have entertained thoughts about Alina's subtle change. Perhaps she should limit her imagination to her admirer...who hadn't been about to see her in quite some time.

Molly began to tremble as she fought against another panic attack.

If she could get her hands on the villain, Molly wouldn't hesitate for a moment to kill him. Not after the way he was ruining Summeridge. Oh, God, calm my temper. I can't live with this bitterness. I just can't...

Movement caught Molly's eye. It was Alina, coming down the path that led right up to Molly's front door.

Molly's anxiety increased, as it did whenever the object of her worry appeared.

"Hello, Molly," Alina said when she was close enough for Molly to hear. "I haven't spoken in earnest with you in quite some time. I hope you don't mind I've dropped in for a visit?"

Molly shook her head. "No, not at all," she said, but her voice betrayed her fear.

"Whatever is the matter, Molly?"

Before Molly could stop herself, she burst into tears. For a long moment, she couldn't speak. Oh, no...not another manifestation of anxiety!

And then, another panic attack set in, full force.

"Molly!" Alina exclaimed, falling to her knees beside Molly, who had collapsed to the floor.

"I-I've been d-doing this ever since h-he made me...he made me confess," Molly stammered. "I th-thought...oh, I thought I w-was over it-t-t," she sobbed. "But you know h-how anx-anxious I get."

"I hate that he's doing this to you. To us," Alina whispered, and it was only then that Molly realized there were tears on her friend's face.

"I have to tell you everything, Molly. I can't keep any more secrets between us."

Molly trembled with panic. 

The End

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