Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXXIX

It had to be supernatural, because there was no other way Alina would feel compelled to visit the inn again.

Alina had first felt the tug to go back to the inn when she'd been fixing herself some chamomile tea. At first, she'd discarded the strange inclination as mere curiosity. But the idea of going back to find Alexander wouldn't leave her, and Alina finally was annoyed enough by its persistence to go back to the inn. 

There's a knock at the door. Our villain tries to ignore the knocking at first, but it just gets louder and longer and jars his headache. Finally, Alexander hears a small voice call, "It's me, Alina."

Ah, to blazes with it all! There's no getting away from her, is there? Alexander calls out a half-hearted "Come in," and he hears Alina unlock the door and tiptoe inside. She must have gotten the key from the innkeeper, he realizes.

"You look terrible," Alina said.

"I am terrible," Alexander mutters. He runs a hand through his hair and uses an expletive that makes Alina blush. "Why are you here?"

"Well, I just...I don't know. I think...I think it was God. I think I was, I don't know - supposed to come here."

"God," Alexander says sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. His head begins to throb even worse, and he closes his eyes, laying his head back down on his pillow. 

"I'll be back," Alina says. She slips from the room.

For twenty or so minutes, Alexander is alone. Utterly alone. The voices of damnation increase by what seems like a dozen decibels as he lies there, guilt and frustration flooding his soul.

Finally, Alina is back. She slowly opens the door and says softly, "I've brought you some tea and crackers."

The End

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