Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXXVIII

Well, it would appear we've got quite a crisis on our hands.

Conner is falling for Alina, but so is Alexander. Ironically, Alina is torn between the two, though she's trying to deny it.

Our villain isn't aware of the chemistry forming between Conner and Alina. Frankly, he isn't aware of much of anything right now. The liquor did its trick. You can't help but feel a bit sorry for him.

Eventually, Alexander wakes up. He's got an awful headache, and his stomach won't stop churning and lurching. He hasn't felt this bad in...well, he can't remember the last time he suffered this badly from drunken indulgence. 

Alexander takes a deep breath, trying desperately not to let his stomach empty again. Running his hands over his eyes, he curses under his breath and realizes that he didn't have any confessions planned for the day.

The sunlight is really obnoxious, and Alexander turns to the wall so he doesn't have to face it. The voices that constantly whisper condemnation are louder than ever, and today, he doesn't know how to fight them. The thought of Alina flits through his mind, and he closes his eyes in defeat.

"I should've known," he whispers to himself. "There just isn't any hope for me."

Alexander glances across the room to where a gun is sitting so temptingly on the windowsill.

How easy. How easy it would be to put the gun to his head and squeeze the trigger...

But, no. His time hasn't come. Not yet. We must keep him alive for a little while longer.

The End

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