Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXXVII

Alina tried her best not to read too much into Conner's words. If she did, what she read was scary. Just a few days ago, she'd been as single as single could be, as far as relationships went. Now, she'd somehow acquired two admirers - and neither of them were generally the type of men Alina considered!

So, of course, Alina shoved any nagging thoughts aside. Perhaps Conner didn't even think of her in a romantic way. Perhaps she was just overreacting!

But something in Alina's heart - and Conner's face - told Alina that she was far from overreacting.

Ah, how dare Conner and Alexander tramp into Alina's life like this! They should have asked permission! They should have given warning! They should have chosen someone their own size to pick on! Life was complicated enough without men! The male population should just go collectively jump in a lake, Alina silently fumed to herself.

The thought was improbable, of course, but it was how she felt. And anyways, it provided a satisfying mind picture.

Conner clearly sensed the change in Alina, for he grew quiet all of a sudden. Alina felt bad. It wasn't his fault they were in this mess. Embarrassed of the words she's spoken earlier in a fit of rage, she said quietly, "I'm normally not this touchy. There's just something about this criminal that makes my patience run awry."

"It's alright," Conner replied. "I understand."

Alina hesitated. "Well...I ought to get going," she finally said. She shoved her hands into the pockets she'd sewn into her dress. 

"Alright. I'll see you around, I guess." Conner's words were quiet.

"Yeah," Alina said softly. "I'll see you around." Her heartbeat slowed a bit, and she nodded goodbye to Conner. Their silence spoke the words neither of them said.

And then, she left, even more confused than she'd been when she'd walked into the inn.

The End

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