Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXXII

If Alina had had any hope at all in Alexander, it was dashed with every ring of the bell. And as Alina ran to the square, hoping upon hope that another confession wasn't about to take place, her heart sank. With every footstep, her eyes filled a little more with tears. She felt betrayed. Somehow, she'd hoped against hope that perhaps, Alexander was going to change...

Because indeed, Alina was beginning to lose her heart to the most heartless, ruthless, insufferable villain that she'd ever known. Granted, it wasn't every day she came across villains, but still...

And then, Tara Thornton. The gentlest, most kind-spirited woman in Summeridge stood at the bell, hands shaking nervously. Alina was filled with rage toward Alexander. How dare he terrorize such an innocent old woman?

"I confess," Tara began, her voice trembling, "I was impatient with Ronald [her deceased husband] before he died. I was frustrated with how forgetful he was becoming, and on the day he died, I told him so. I told him that I couldn't keep looking after him all the time. I'd never told him that before, but I was just frustrated and couldn't handle it longer. He died that day...we parted on unfriendly terms." Tara's face was red with tears, and she slowly turned around and began to walk back to her home.

Eyes narrowed so as to keep tears at bay, Alina ran after Tara. 

"Mrs. Thornton!" Alina exclaimed, grabbing the elderly woman's arm and walking alongside her. "Mrs. Thornton, are you okay?"

Tara's eyes were still spilling over with tears. "I don't know," she whispered brokenly. "I don't know."

Conner had once mentioned that Alexander stayed at the inn, so after staying with Tara a moment to comfort her, Alina headed toward the inn.

Alexander, dear, you've got company.

The End

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