Deathly Secrets, Chapter XXX

Alina had never known anyone like Alexander Hale. Not only was the thought of him distracting her as she tried to go about her everyday tasks that morning, but it was intriguing her, too.

Tall, lean, dark, conflicted, enigmatic, tormented, dangerous...charming. Beautiful. Handsome. Strong-willed. Intelligent.

A criminal. A ruthless, heartless villain, who would stop at absolutely nothing to accomplish the terror he had in store for Summeridge. A brute without virtues or, Alexander was the most dangerous man Alina had ever known - and that was saying quite a bit, especially when one takes into account that Alina's father was the town drunk, and he and her brother were abusive.

Despite his endearing, entrancing smile and his charming, chivalrous spirit, Alexander was a bad man. A bad, bad man. And, judging from his roguish demeanor, Alina had a feeling that Alexander was one of those men who had a knack for breaking women's hearts. 

Yet there was something different about this rogue in particular. Whenever she looked into his eyes, Alina glimpsed a tormented, broken soul. Though she had only seen him a few times, there was this air, this aura, about Alexander - as though he'd indulged in all the world had to offer and was left more dissatisfied than before he'd begun.

It wasn't that Alina was falling for Alexander - heavens, he was a brute! a criminal! an altogether unsavory monster, and she loathed him!

And she was enchanted by him.

And, well...her heart skipped a beat when she'd heard his name. When she'd heard his voice. When she'd heard him call her "Miss Bryant" in such a musical way.

When she'd discovered that really, Alexander's grey-green eyes were really beautiful to look into, despite the loneliness and brokenness.

"I pity him, and that's it," Alina muttered, but she couldn't erase from her mind the meeting of the night before.

The End

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